Thursday, December 27, 2007

Broken Social Scene - 2005-11-08 KCRW

..might be my fave bss bootleg.

01 - Superconnected
02 - Morning Interlude
03 - Handjobs For The Holidays
04 - Major Label Debut
05 - Interview
06 - Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
07 - All My Friends
08 - Intuition

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Broken Social Scene non-album tracks

Hello...It's me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.

Ok, enough of Lionel Richie. Kevin had this turn with non-album tracks now it's time for BSS. That's right. 7 beautiful songs. Maybe some of you already have it (if you is so addicted as me and Chris), but maybe some of you don't have it. please those who haven't heard these beauties, Canaddiction presents Deathcock, Do the 95, a beautiful Paul McCartney cover (Every Night), Gods, Jimmy & The Photocall, Stars And Spit and Where's Your Heart. Enjoy!

Just one more thing...I'm so sorry for my poor english. I'm Borat's friend. He is now in Brazil discovering Amazonia. Kisses kisses.

Stars - 2007-09-23 Vienna, FM4 Radiokulturhaus

we've got one more sweetie for you today, a show from Austrian radio FM4. Great setlist. Hope they're gonna play something like this in February, only, erm, a bit longer :) njoy

01 - The Night Starts Here
02 - Take Me To The Riot
03 - Set Yourself On Fire
04 - Elevator Love Letter
05 - The Ghost of Genova Heights
06 - Bitches In Tokyo
07 - One More Night
08 - Banter
09 - Midnight Coward
10 - Personal
11 - Reunion
12 - Banter
13 - My Favourite Book
14 - Soft Revolution
15 - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
16 - Encore Break
17 - Ageless Beauty
18 - In Our Bedroom After The War - intro
19 - In Our Bedroom After The War

Kevin Drew - non-album tracks

Hey kids,
I finally have enough stuff to post this
Some tracks from Kevin's EPs (Love5 is the B-side to Backed Out On The...), one from the A&C sampler and the rest is from Kevin's new live performances, yay, everytime something appears on the web there's at least one new track. And is he serious...(un)titles like Untitled 16 and 33?!
(btw thanks to our Canadian special agent (:waving to Emily:) for smuggling out th(r)e(e) untitled tracks, they're available @ but can't be watched outside CA:/). Untitled 2 is my abso-fave-yay one.

have fun
the infantile me

!!WANTED: One Night Man and Westminster from the Japanese/Australian edition of Spirit If...!!

(One Night Man is also the B-side to Tbtf and the LP's somewhere above the Atlantic at the moment, on the way here, YAY nevertheless, if you have any of these two tracks, please let us know :)))

if you need motivation -> aight. The first one who sends me Westminster will get a BSS T-shirt painted by meeeee. Or a scarf. I'm pretty serious. :) go hunting! :))

update: too late, i've bought the jp edition :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - 2007-11-16 Sonar Lounge, Baltimore, MD

Another gem found. This is a show only two days older than the one from Washington.
A classic mix of Kevin's and BSS songs, a cover (or two:), Major Label Debut one and a half time and, ta-daaaah, Brendan´s Hit a Wall for the second time on this blog. Can't wait for his album, he told us in October in Vienna it's going to be released in April 08 ...and confirmed it last week in Toronto. YEAH!

01. Intro
02. Lucky Ones
03. Cause = Time
04. Fucked Up Kid
05. Safety Bricks
06. Tbtf / instrumental / Stars and Sons
07. Hit a Wall
08. Frightening Lives
09. Improv/noise
10. Backed out on the...
11. Superconnected
12. Hard to Find (American Analog Set)
13. Kennel District (Pavement cover)
14. Farewell to the Pressure Kids
15. Major Label Debut/The Waiting Room (Fugazi cover) (false start/out of tune)
16. Major Label Debut
17. It's All Gonna Break (false start/interrupted)
18. It's All Gonna Break

...and, yeah, let's not forget>

Friday, December 14, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - Live at TT the Bears (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - August 28th, 2007

Hey hey. I'm here again. This time I have candys :) My christmas gift before christmas lol.

I found this excellent concert today on web. Big show, great music and NEW music. That's right, a new song by Brendan Canning. Also, lots of talking. Nice sound quality, BSS's songs and Kevin's songs. I really loved it! Enjoy

01) Intro (Banter)
02) Lucky Ones
03) Safety Bricks
04) F--ked Up Kid
05) Tbtf
06) Backed Out On The...
07) Hit The Wall (Brendan Canning song)
08) Farewell To The Pressure Kids
09) BSS Presents John Legend (Banter)
10) Broke Me Up
11) Bodhi Sappy Weekend
12) Frightening Lives
13) Happy Birthday Cameron Drew
14) Superconnected
15) Canada Vs. America
16) Who's In Love? (Banter)
17) Lover's Spit
18) Nixing The Encore (Talking)
19) Major Label Debut

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feist - 2005-12-16 Trabendo Session, Paris (.avi, yay!)


- When I Was A Young Girl
- Secret Heart
- Gatekeeper
- Somewhere Down The Road
- One Evening
- The Build Up
- Inside & Out
- Now At Last
- Sally's Song
- Mushaboom
- Sealion
- Let It Die
- Major Label Debut

click here to get the artwork
and the vid:
1 2 3 4

mp3's available here

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New songs by Feist?

Hi guys. I was online and a friend sent to me this two songs I didin't know. One is like a christmas song called "Holiday Song: How a rose blooming". I don't know, something like that. The other is called "Somewhere down the road". Do you know these songs? If you do, let me know. I'm curious.

I upload them. To get, click here.

Covers by Arcade Fire

Yes, I'm still here. I don't have a lot of canadian stuff, but here's something I really like. 3 covers by Arcade Fire. Great songs, great bands and...Arcade Fire.

"Kiss off", original by Violent Femmes. "Age of Consent", original by New Order and "I'm so Bored with the USA", original by The Clash. Download it here!

And also, Kevin Drew singing Age of Consent as well. Get it here!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feist - Live at Bazaar Curieux 2004

No, no, NO, this blog is not dead/finished, we're still here! haha only my BSS folder says there are more than 30 gigs that haven't been uploaded here (so lack of stuff is not the prob really :). This is just called "end of the winter term", too much work... (add your own excuse here). Whatever, enjoy Feist.

01 - One Evening
02 - Secret Heart
03 - Safe and Secure
04 - Let It Die
05 - Mushaboom
06 - When The Flake Changes Colour
07 - Sealion

get it

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stars - 2005-09-14 Berlin

01 - intro
02 - Set Yourself On Fire
03 - Soft Revolution
04 - Elevator Love Letter
05 - Reunion
06 - You Ex-Lover Is Dead
07 - What I'm Trying To Say
08 - One More Night
09 - Ageless Beauty
10 - He Lied About Death\

get it

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Metric - Live at San Francisco @ Bottom of Hill 10.30.2003

01) Intro
02) IOU
03) Succexy
04) Combat Baby
05) Wet Blanket
06) The List
07) Live It Out
08) Hustle Rose
09) On A Slow Night

Get it here!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Broken Social Scene - 2004-11-30 Geneva

I'm almost crying I haven't been there. Oh yes, if you always get up late you'll never be on time.
Considering 11-track-long sets, I could hardly imagine a better one (don't forget we're in 2004). Shampoo Suicide, Backyards, Looks Just Like The Sun and Pacific Theme live?! What is more, classics like Stars and Sons, Cause = Time and KC Accidental...WHAW!

01 - Late Night Bedroom Rock For the Missionaries
02 - Shampoo Suicide
03 - KC Accidental
04 - Stars and Sons
05 - Cause = Time
06 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
07 - Pacific Theme
08 - Looks Just Like The Sun
09 - Backyards
10 - Anthems For a Seventeen Year Old Girl
11 - Superconnected


Broken Social Scene - 2005-05-27 Primaverasound, Barcelona

Letting Broken Social Scene play only half an hour long sets should be a crime (radio shows would be the only exception:)). Anyway, enjoy this.

01 - Stars and Sons
02 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
03 - Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
04 - Fire Eye'd Boy
05 - Major Label Debut
06 - Almost Crimes

get it

Broken Social Scene + The Most Serene Republic 2005-12-16 La Maroquinerie, Paris

!!!WooHoo! This is the 21st post, whoo-hey, canaddiction is an adult! Yo!!!
As an addict to little gigs I mustn't forget to post this gig. Really, there were about 300 people at this show in Paris. That's the crazy thing about Europe: they don't come very often here :/ but when they finally come, it's a great great evening for the chosen few. I know...they deserve more people (even here) at their gigs, but, I can't help it, I absolutely adore these smaller ones.
This time they also had Leslie Feist onstage and The Most Serene Republic, another Arts&Crafts family member, as the opening band (btw highly recommended).

The Most Serene Republic

01. In Places, Empty Spaces
02. Phages
03. Oh God
04. Content Was Always My Favourite Colour
05. Proposition 61

Broken Social Scene

01 - All the Gods
02 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
03 - Fire Eye'd Boy
04 - Stars & Sons
05 - Cause = Time
06 - Major Label Debut (medium)
07 - Handjobs for the Holidays
08 - Almost Crimes
09 - Major Label Debut (fast)
10 - Hotel
11 - Improv
12 - Superconnected
13 - Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
14 - Bandwitch
15 - Improv
16 - Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
17 - KC Accidental
18 - Encore Break
19 - Lover's Spit
20 - It's All Gonna Break

this part that part

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Emily Haines - Live at Hillside Festival, 28 Jul 2007

Great performance by Emily Haines. Enjoy.

01) Our Hell
02) Doctor Blind
03) The Maid Needs A Maid
04) The Lottery
05) Mostly Waving
06) Detective Daughter
07) Sprig

Get it here!

Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew - 2007-11-18, 9:30 Club, Washington DC

photo by Joel Didriksen for

Whoaaaaaa, a REALLY new stuff is what I've got for you today, as fresh as it goes.

What a Sunday, definitely not silent nor gray (no no kids, this is not turning into a Morrissey blog, no fear:). Just try to listen to the beginning of Lover's Spit and you'll see why I started like this. And when you're listening to this wonderful song, wait till it ends and please tell me what Kevin's singing at the very end of it. I'm trying to figure it out but I'm not really sure about it and I won't sleep before I find out :). There are more more things that just have to make you smile, like deciding where to continue playing Cause = Time after the power failure (ladies and gentlemen, this is the unique chance to hear BSS SINGING five notes of the solo, lol:))

I saw the guys in Vienna a month ago so this bootleg is all the more precious to me, I'm ssssooo very happy I've got this!
The guys are as cute as then, but the setlist is a bit different, we had Bodhi Sappy Weekend, Gang Bang Suicide (the very last song) and Hit The Wall from Brendan Canning's forthcoming album (he told us it's gonna be released in April 2008, wooo, I can't wait! The first song is stunning!) instead of It's All Gonna Break and the two covers (woooo, this is the battle of the indie rock bands!). Well (weeeeeeeeell!), I should stop talking, enjoy all this straight from them and discover more awwww-this-is-greaat moments.

You can listen to it here (haha, don't forget to read the advisory:).

Of course we won't leave you without a download link.
There you go, folks:
part 1
part 2


01 - Lucky Ones
02 - Cause = Time
03 - Fucked Up Kid
04 - Safety Bricks
05 - tbtf
06 - Stars and Sons
07 - Frightening Lives
08 - Backed Out On The ...
09 - Superconnected
10 - Hard to Find (American Analog Set, Andrew Kenny singing)
11 - Farewell To The Pressure Kids
12 - Major Label Debut (fast)
13 - Kennel District (Pavement cover)
14 - Feel The Pain (Dinosaur Jr. cover)
15 - Lover's Spit
16 - It's All Gonna Break
17 - When It Begins

p.s.: if I'm less lazy I'll send some videos from Vienna here :)

Apostle of Hustle - 2005-03-03 CBC Radio 3 session

Anyone else here who thinks Apostle of Hustle are great and Folkloric Feel is one of top idunnohowmany albums ever released?
Anyway, this is a really good radio session in a very good quality, six songs from Folkloric Feel + one from National Anthem of Nowhere. Enjoy!

01 - Animal Fat
02 - Energy of Death
03 - Kings and Queens
04 - Sleepwalking Ballad
05 - Song for Lorca
06 - Folkloric Feel
07 - Cheap Like Sebastien

Monday, November 19, 2007

Feist covering The Kinks

As a bonus, a beautiful cover of "Nothin in the world can stop me worryin bout that girl" by Feist. Original by Kinks.

Get it here!

Feist Live on SNL (Saturday Night Live)

Only two songs, but they worth it. You can download this performance on video here:

Feist - 1234 @ Live SNL (video)
Feist - I Feel It All @ Live SNL (video)

Or on mp3 here:

Feist - 1234 @ Live SNL (mp3)
Feist - I Feel It All @ Live SNL (mp3)

Btw, the videos are in good quality. Enjoy!

Tokyo Police Club - Live @ CBCRadio3 Session, Toronto (05.17.2006)

Another great canadian band. They don't have an album yet, but they will very soon. Lol :)

The only problem with Tokyo Police Club is that their songs don't have more than 3 minutes. I love this live performance. Enjoy.

01) Box
02) Citizens of Tomorrow
03) Cut cut paste
04) Your english is good
05) A lesson in Crime
06) Nature of the Experiment
07) Be good

Get it here!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Feist - 2006-01-27 Park West, Chicago

I'm pretty sure no one who doesn't know Leslie Feist would ever come here so let me just give you links to this awesome show (more words would be useless, go listen to it, it's definitely worth it):

01 - intro/Safe And Secure
02 - The Build Up
03 - When I Was a Young Girl
04 - Sally's Song (1 2 3 4)
05 - So Sorry
06 - Secret Heart
07 - Fighting Away The Tears
08 - Phantoms
09 - Mushaboom
10 - Sealion
11 - Intuition
12 - Major Label Debut
13 - Let It Die

P.S.: if you like The Build Up and Kings of Convenience, you can get a lot of their gigs/sessions here. They also have Leslie herself in one of these shows (KEXP).



Broken Social Scene - 2006-08-15 Paredes de Coura Festival

I'm sending one of the newer boots today (containing not only a looot of songs from their eponymous album but also some "classic" stuff:)) Paredes de Coura is a small town in the northern Portuguese hills famous for this festival.

01 - Jimmy And the Photocall
02 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
03 - Cause = Time
04 - Fire Eye'd Boy
05 - Stars And Sons
06 - Handjobs For the Holidays
07 - Superconnected
08 - Anthems For a Seventeen-year-old Girl
09 - Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
10 - KC Accidental

(11 - heeeeey fellows from Brazil, what the hell are they talking about? I don't understand a single word in Portuguese:)))

click here to get it


Broken Social Scene - Live In Stockholm, Sweden 07.08.04

Here's a great sounding live Broken Social Scene show from 2004 which was orginally broadcast on a Swedish radio.


01) Radio Intro
02) Jimmy & The Photocall
03) KC Accidental
04) Stars And Sons
05) Cause = Time
06) 7/4 (Shoreline)
07) Looks Just Like The Sun
08) Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
09) Almost Crimes
10) Major Label Debut
11) Lover's Spit

part 1
part 2

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jason Collett w/ Paso Mino - Live in Minneapolis @ The Fine Line - 01.29.2006

Another great concert by Jason Collett and his band Paso Mino. I specially like the quality of the sound and of course, the setlist. Enjoy :)

01) Intro/Fire
02) We All Lose One Another
03) Federal Republic
04) Brownie Hawkeye
05) Not Over You
06) Hangover Days (With Feist)
07) Blue Sky
08) I'll Bring the Sun
09) Waiting for the World
10) Pavement Puddle Stars

PS: On track 7, please rename the title and write .mp3 at the end. It will work :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jason Collett & Paso Mino - 2006-03-?? CBC

As you surely know, you can get two great songs from Jason Collett's forthcoming album Here's to Being Here on his website.
This is a session from 2006 containing one of them - Out of Time. Waiting For the World and No Redemption Songs are also going to appear on the album

01 - Tropic of Safety
02 - No Redemption Song
03 - Out of Time
04 - Waiting Fot the World
05 - Not Over You


Broken Social Scene - 2004-02-12 Kataweb, Rome

This is a very cute acoustic session from 2004.

addiction: the piano version of Stars and Sons with Kevin whispering "you forgot it in people" (if you listen carefully to the YFIIP version, you'll hear it. More distorted but it's there, I didn't know this for a long long time).
addiction2: Justin's cap :)

01 - Stars and Sons
02 - Fire (Jason Collett)
03 - Shaharazed (Apostle of Hustle)
04 - Sleep Tonight (Stars)
05 - Piano Interlude
06 - Lover's Spit

What I recommend is the video of the whole session. The BSSomething is definitely there. Enjoy.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Broken Social Scene - 2004-08-27 Harbourfront, Toronto

01 - Intro
02 - Every Night
03 - Late Night Bedroom Rock For the Missionaries
04 - Shampoo Suicide
05 - KC Accidental
06 - Stars and Sons
07 - The National Anthem Of Nowhere
08 - Where's Your Heart, Where's Your Mind?
09 - I'll Bring the Sun
10 - Kevin speaks
11 - Pacific Theme
12 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
13 - Looks Just Like the Sun
14 - Banter
15 - Secretaries
16 - Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
17 - Superconnected
18 - Almost Crimes/Major Label Debut (Fast)
19 - Cause = Time
20 - Backyards Intro
21 - Backyards
22 - Lover's Spit
23 - It's All Gonna Break


Amy Millan - 2007-07-21 Dawson City Music Festival


Ladies and gentlemen, Amy Millan.

01 - Grant Lawrence introduces Amy
02 - Losin' You
03 - Come Home Loaded Roadie
04 - Bruised Ghosts
05 - Baby I
06 - Ruby II
07 - He Brings out the Ishkey in Me
08 - Find My Way Back to You
09 - Pour Me Up Another
10 - Bill Monroe Medley

You can also stream this and much more here
...and remember:
partying, not farting!


Amy Millan - 2006-12-07 KCRW

01 - intro
02 - Skinny Boy
03 - My Way back To You
04 - Ruby II
05 - Baby I
06 - interview
07 - Losin' You
08 - Bury This
09 - Look Up (Stars)
10 - I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie)
11 - He Brings Out the Whiskey In Me
12 - outro


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Broken Social Scene - Live Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 10-16-06

Hello :)

My name is Yasmin, I'm from Brazil and I'm here because me and Chris have a thing in common: Canaddiction. So I'm going to post here some of my canadian stuff too. Hope you like it.

This is a great concert by Broken Social Scene including a cover from Dinosaur Jr. Enjoy!

01) Intro/Fire Eye'd Boy
02) 7/4 (Shoreline)
03) Cause = Time
04) Stars And Sons
05) Late Night Bedroom Rock For The Missionaries
06) Shampoo Suicide
07) Superconnected
08) Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
09) Almost Crimes
10) Major Label Debut
11) Talk
12) Looks Just Like The Sun
13) Swimmers
14) Ibi Dreams Of Pavement
15) The Wagon (Dinosaur Jr. Cover)
16) KC Accidental


Stars - 2004-02-29 KCRW Set

Let's not forget other Arts&Crafts bands. I really don't think I have to introduce Stars to you so just get this :)

The Vanishing
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Interview with Torq (haha 'that's the Canadian way' haha:)
What The Snowman Learned About Love
Elevator Love Letter
Life Effect

get the KCRW session

Broken Social Scene - 2003-07-31 Empty Bottle, Chicago

kids, a new old gig today. enjoy

01 - Intro
02 - Cause = Time
03 - Stars and Sons
04 - Looks Just Like The Sun
05 - Anthems For a Seventeen Year Old Girl
06 - Shampoo Suicide
07 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
08 - Almost Crimes
09 - It's All Gonna Break
10 - KC Accidental

random editor's picks:
*the end of Stars and Sons
*Late Night Bedroom Rock For The Missionaries + Shampoo Suicide!! 11 minutes of bliss (btw I need someone to explain why it's almost always tagged 'Late Nineties...', it's Night on my precious signed original yummy yfiip :))
*a funny version of Anthems (Amy Millan singing)
*the whole thing of course, blah blah blah :)


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Broken Social Scene - 2003-04-05 Zaphod's, Ottawa (Junofest Showcase)

aight let's get it started!!

01 - Intro
02 - Pacific Theme
03 - (talking)
04 - Cause = Time
05 - Lover's Spit
06 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
07 - New Country
08 - Stars and Sons
09 - (talking)
10 - Looks Just Like The Sun
11 - Almost Crimes
12 - KC Accidental