Monday, November 12, 2007

Amy Millan - 2007-07-21 Dawson City Music Festival


Ladies and gentlemen, Amy Millan.

01 - Grant Lawrence introduces Amy
02 - Losin' You
03 - Come Home Loaded Roadie
04 - Bruised Ghosts
05 - Baby I
06 - Ruby II
07 - He Brings out the Ishkey in Me
08 - Find My Way Back to You
09 - Pour Me Up Another
10 - Bill Monroe Medley

You can also stream this and much more here
...and remember:
partying, not farting!



H.A. Rodriguez said...

greeeeeeat idea for a blog, guys. i'm so addicted to these canadians too. i would really like to see the Harbourfront 2004 gig here, i got only half of it and it is amazing!! cheers

the pacific me said...

ahhh, welcome, addict :) I'm happy you like it. This is exactly how it should work: you say what you want and we find it our archives :p I've got Harbourfront so it'll appear here soon. xx christina