Monday, January 28, 2008

Stars - 2002-01-18 Santa Monica, CA @ KCRW Radio

Laaaah-dadiiii-dadaaaaaah! Today I'm posting a bit of time travelling, a session played whole 6 years ago (gosh that's aaaaages, I was a little kid standing at the gate of something called "real music"). Ok, let's stop being nostalgic. This sessie contains stuff not so easy to find live on the web like tracks from the Comeback EP, the first album Nightsongs (at least they're still playing On Peak Hill), new tracks from Heart (I would kill for hearing The Woods live!) and an interview .

00 - Intro
01 - The Woods
02 - Violent
03 - Look Up
04 - On Peak Hill
05 - Interview
06 - Aspidistra Files
07 - Don't Be Afraid to Sing
08 - The Comeback
09 - Outro
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kevin Drew - Westminster

Fireworks please! After a few MONTHS I've FINALLY found this little acoustic Japanese/Australian Spirit If... bonus track, credits go to Aaron (soulseekers never disappoint:)))

Friday, January 25, 2008

Feist - I Feel It All Video (.mov)

For those who hate the quality of


Feist - Live at Bonnaroo 2007 (This Tent)

Leslie Feist in concert. Very nice music. Enjoy!

00) Introduction
01) When I Was A Young Girl
02) I Feel It All
03) So Sorry
04) My Moon My Man
05) The Park
06) First New Unknown Song
07) The Limit To Your Love
08) Second New Unknown Song
09) Gatekeeper
10) Secret Heart
11) Brandy Alexander
12) 1234
13) Mushaboom
14) SeaLion
15) Let It Die
16) Band Introductions & Outro

Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Broken Social Scene - Live at Ottawa Folk Festival 2004 (avi)

Yayyyyyyyyy! I Love this performance! Two of my fav BSSgirls, Amy and Emily. I love Feist, I really do...but for me Almost Crimes and Anthems for a seventeen year old girl are better on Emily's voice.

Please download this, I'm pretty sure you'll love it!

Part1 (95MB)
Part2 (95MB)
Part3 (95MB)
Part4 (95MB)
Part5 (10MB)

* Unzip them together! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Emily Haines - Live on Radio Libre

Aight, time for the mellow side of Emily, my ultimate long winter evenings soundtrack.
*waving to Brazilians, hellooooo:))
*sounds the best as a part of the mighty trinity "tea - book - Ms. Haines".
No screaming kids, just three soft acoustic piano tracks (even more 'naked' than on the album) played on a Belgian radio and a half French/half English interview I don't quite understand (especially the "French question - English answer" moments are cute:)). Enjoy.

Doctor Blind
The Lottery
Crowd Surf Off the Cliff


/a note to myself>don't be so lazy to google the session's date//

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Metric - 2007-10-09 Seattle

Ahhh, still too much work here, cruel January :/ so I'm sorry for not posting much stuff these days. Hope you'll enjoy this Metric boot including...oh yes, a looooot of NEW unreleased songs :)

01. [Intro]
02. Freddy
03. Twilight
04. Poster Of A Girl
05. Dead Disco
06. Joyride
07. Empty
08. Standing in Line
09. Hustle Rose
10. Combat Baby
11. [End Of The Tour]
12. The Hooks (Give Me Sympathy)
13. Handshakes
14. Rock Me Now
15. [Intermission]
16. Monster Hospital
17. Stadium Love


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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Feist - Live at Rehearsal Hall (avi)

A great performance including interview!

Credits to Aline Siqueira. Thank's!

Get it

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jason Collett, Grad Club, Kingston, 1 December 2006

(just a quick post)

So when we have a Jason Collett day today, it won´t be completely offtopic to post this link, even if you all probably know/have it. A couple of days ago I discovered this gig on B(oot)log (btw one of my fave music blogs, highly recommended). It´s from late 2006 but there are already a few Here´s To Being Here songs. Go there for more info. :)
(and vivat Mathalysis, GOT IT!:)

Jason Collett - Here's To Being Here (2008)


Credits to Gabriel who uploaded it for us. Thank's!

  1. Roll On Oblivion
  2. Sorry Lori
  3. Out of Time
  4. Papercut Hearts
  5. Henry's Song
  6. Charlyn, Angel of Kensington
  7. No Redemption Song
  8. Through the Night These Days
  9. Nothing to Lose
  10. Not Over You
  11. Somehow
  12. Waiting for the World
Get it here (sendspace)!
Get it here (mediafire)! Part1 and Part2


Sunday, January 6, 2008

What's the Connection Between Broken Social Scene and The Hobbit?

-Who are you?

Well, this interview (or something between a serious interview and puppet theatre a.k.a. the funniest BSS thing ever) doesn't really need any comments, don't want to spoil the surprise, just a warning: please don't eat or drink anything while listening to it.

Dear kids,
Nardwuar Interview (Dec12 2005):

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p.s.: I've removed the "Is BSS over?" poll. More than 60% think it's not and now we know they're pretty probably RIGHT! Thanks everyone, especially the one who voted for "What is BSS?"

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stars - 2007-11-24 Winnipeg, MB

Been a little busy (that's 'lazy' in the language of my tribe), I also should be sitting on my ass and studying Mathematical Analysis at the moment, this is what I call the best time to post someting new, and this bootleg IS the newest one I have in my collection. A beautiful mixture of In Our Bedroom After The War and the older tracks as you probably know from the other boots of this tour. A great show...but which one isn'

Another reason why I'm posting Stars and Stars only is...omg, we're going to see them THREE TIMES in February, twice with Apostle of Hustle, YAY! All this in eight days and just because AoH cancelled the show in Vienna (and ONLY this one). I think we would never make such a crazy plan if they just came here:).
Blessed be AoH for this, 3+2 is more than 1+1...erm going back to my precious fascinating Analysis to prove this unequality, enjoy Stars!

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