Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feist - Live at Bazaar Curieux 2004

No, no, NO, this blog is not dead/finished, we're still here! haha only my BSS folder says there are more than 30 gigs that haven't been uploaded here (so lack of stuff is not the prob really :). This is just called "end of the winter term", too much work... (add your own excuse here). Whatever, enjoy Feist.

01 - One Evening
02 - Secret Heart
03 - Safe and Secure
04 - Let It Die
05 - Mushaboom
06 - When The Flake Changes Colour
07 - Sealion

get it


maraca said...

=D =D =D

maraca said...

track 3 - Safe and secure

the pacific me said...

ahh, of course, thanks :D