Monday, November 12, 2007

Broken Social Scene - 2004-08-27 Harbourfront, Toronto

01 - Intro
02 - Every Night
03 - Late Night Bedroom Rock For the Missionaries
04 - Shampoo Suicide
05 - KC Accidental
06 - Stars and Sons
07 - The National Anthem Of Nowhere
08 - Where's Your Heart, Where's Your Mind?
09 - I'll Bring the Sun
10 - Kevin speaks
11 - Pacific Theme
12 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
13 - Looks Just Like the Sun
14 - Banter
15 - Secretaries
16 - Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
17 - Superconnected
18 - Almost Crimes/Major Label Debut (Fast)
19 - Cause = Time
20 - Backyards Intro
21 - Backyards
22 - Lover's Spit
23 - It's All Gonna Break



H.A. Rodriguez said...

i love you gus, thanks a lot!!!

ps. funny, i got this 14 songs from this gig at some other source a long time ago and the setlist seems a little different, mine has a small GbV cover and anthem comes before secretaries...well, i guess i'll download all of yours to see if there is any difference!!


the pacific me said...

haha this is really strange, bless the mess :D so pls let me know if it's the same thing :p and enjoy this!

H.A. Rodriguez said...

yep, it is the same gig! mine was just a different cut/tagging. i spent so much time looking for the rest of the tracks. i love the talking between songs, and the awesome take on 7/4

medeiros, yasmin said...

man, I wish I was there.

Dan said...

This site as great! I've been looking for live BSS for awhile now, and on Monday night I saw them for the first time in burlington. They're amazing! Can't wait to catch them again, and these are great to listen to and I'll definitely be visiting this site again. Oh and it's crazy how he sings Big Love after almost crimes...I guess that song has been around for awhile

the pacific me said...

yasmin: definitely! gosh today I was in Bratislava, there´s a bronze circle on the ground saying how far cca 30 cities are from here and Toronro is one of them :D dunno if it was 8000 or 9000 km,´s depressing

dan: agree :) I saw em last month for the first time (in Vienna) and it was the gig of my life. So powerful...and we even talked to them, they are really cute and...normal! btw welcome, addict :) thanks for finding us, we´ll try to make you even more addicted

Anonymous said...

Any chance this can be uploaded again? I was slow to get on the BSS train.


christina said...

weird, it's working normally for me. but of course I can.

Tyler said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw these were still up - I've had 3 tracks from this show for some time and now it's complete! Thanks so much!!!

Alan said...

Track 11 seems to not be working- all the others were fine Thanks for the re-ups of other things I had trouble with.

Michael said...

I got the first 8 perfectly fine and I had this bootleg once before all the other links still seem to be up but it has yet to go past processing download request so Im not sure what to do

thanks for all these boots by the way

christina said...

oh dear, november 07 and our track-by-track uploads, why did we think our readers are that patient? :D thanks, i'll fix it.

thom penn said...

Anybody know where some images are from this show? Also possibly a re-post of track 8 "Where's Your Heart, Where's Your Mind?"