Monday, December 17, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - 2007-11-16 Sonar Lounge, Baltimore, MD

Another gem found. This is a show only two days older than the one from Washington.
A classic mix of Kevin's and BSS songs, a cover (or two:), Major Label Debut one and a half time and, ta-daaaah, Brendan´s Hit a Wall for the second time on this blog. Can't wait for his album, he told us in October in Vienna it's going to be released in April 08 ...and confirmed it last week in Toronto. YEAH!

01. Intro
02. Lucky Ones
03. Cause = Time
04. Fucked Up Kid
05. Safety Bricks
06. Tbtf / instrumental / Stars and Sons
07. Hit a Wall
08. Frightening Lives
09. Improv/noise
10. Backed out on the...
11. Superconnected
12. Hard to Find (American Analog Set)
13. Kennel District (Pavement cover)
14. Farewell to the Pressure Kids
15. Major Label Debut/The Waiting Room (Fugazi cover) (false start/out of tune)
16. Major Label Debut
17. It's All Gonna Break (false start/interrupted)
18. It's All Gonna Break

...and, yeah, let's not forget>


Solak said...

One big zip file instead of multiple mp3s is a good idea :)

the pacific me said...

haha you're not the first one who's saying this. And you're right, it's easier for both sides :)

blindleaf said...

I was at this show, I won tickets through the local radio station WTMD, and I was an incredible show. This would be the first time I've seen them, but it was a good ol time. Dancing with my shoes and my head low was a great night, thanks for posting it! I'm glad I clicked on your tab for safety bricks and decided to check out the page. THanks!

the pacific me said...

oh wooow, lucky one! You're welcome...just feel like home at our place :)
I've also seen em live once and it was definitely the gig of my life :)
lol you never know where people find you :D vivat spamming!

Josh said...

Thanks for this. And if you ever come across a version of the L.A. show, I'd be much obliged. Emily Haines showed up and sang Anthems, which I think was the only time they played it on tour. Also, here's an NPR link to a show in D.C. if anyone is interested. Apologies if it's been posted already.

the pacific me said...

awww, haven't got this one, but of course, if we find something, it'll definitely appear here :)

We've already got Washington here, but it was just my rip made before the podcast was available to download :D a really great show, nice quality, what a pity they didn't play Brendan's new song that evening.

...thanks+enjoy the stuff!