Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stars - Sad Robot EP

01. Maintenance Hall, 4am

02. A Thread Cut With a Carving Knife

03. Undertow

04. Going, Going, Gone (live)

05. 14 Forever

06. Sad Robot


Monday, September 22, 2008

Brokensocialscene.ca Launches

Finally a new website...much better than the old one, right?

Broken Social Scene are home! Welcome to the new official site for everything Broken Social Scene, brokensocialscene.ca. We're very excited about this new website and are eager to share it with you.
We have lots of new content on the website, including the new blog, which we'll be updating from the road. (We're back on the road this fall as part of the "Something For All Of Us..." tour. Speaking of the new tour, we've added more US and Canadian dates. You can get tickets before they go on sale to the general public by going here. Check out the Contest page to win VIP tickets to the upcoming Toronto show.) There's also a monthly contest, and an expanded media section featuring updated videos and photos.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Apostle of Hustle - The Grad Club (Kingston) - 30 November 2007

Enjoy :) Credits to Bootlog

1. Easy-E (talk)

2. “Easy Speaks to Me” (title?)

3. Sleepwalking Ballad

4. Energy of Death

5. “My Sword Hand’s Anger”

6. curses on Brian Mulroney (talk)

7. National Anthem of Nowhere

8. oh well (talk)

9. Fast Pony for Victor Jara

10. Baby, You’re In Luck

11. Folkloric Feel

12. Chances Are

13. Sinatra interlude (talk)

14. The Naked and Alone

15. Jimmy Scott is the Answer

16. Cheap Like Sebastien

17. ¡Rafaga!

18. and all his children (talk)

19. Stand Alone (Bob Marley cover)

20. garage band (talk)

21. Charade

22. Kings & Queens

23. one more (talk)

24. Animal Fat
PS: Let me know if you can download the file, I'm trying a new storage service. :)