Thursday, December 27, 2007

Broken Social Scene - 2005-11-08 KCRW

..might be my fave bss bootleg.

01 - Superconnected
02 - Morning Interlude
03 - Handjobs For The Holidays
04 - Major Label Debut
05 - Interview
06 - Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
07 - All My Friends
08 - Intuition

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Anonymous said...

Have not listened to this in awhile - forgot how fantastic it was. I too am a sucker for acoustic BSS - particularly All My Friends - a rarely heard live cut. Always loved this version of Ibi - which has over time become my absolute favourite track - love that it sounds so different each time I see them depending on who is out with them. Going back to listen to Ibi about 20 more times - thanks for reminding me how awesome this session was!!

the pacific me said...

this is great, you´re not the only one who had an Ibi evening yesterday :D I put 16 versions of Ibi into the playlist and did a bit of "music archeology", they are really so different! But tthe KCRW is and probably will be my absolutely favourite one. (then I took my guitar and played the 17th version :))
and the acoustic stuff...have you got the Kataweb version of Stars and Sons? pure bliss!

Anonymous said...

Though I do love the more acoustic stuff - seeing Ibi with over 15 people on stage has got to be my favourite version - I LOVE big sound - and the wall of guitars and horns is phenomenal. Saw Kev a few weeks ago and was sooo excited to see the numbers on stage getting back up there . . . they opened with Ibi - fabulous show.

the pacific me said...

Lucky one! Where did you see em? This is right, it's completely different to just listen to them at home and stand THERE. I'm looking forward to spring/early sumemr 2008, my friends and me want to make a little European trip, three Brendan and co. gigs at least, they just MUST do Ibi...we'll make em! :D

I was at the gig in Vienna in October, Ibi! And 6 guys onstage, not fifteen. We are the ass of the world, Apostle of Hustle have even cancelled the February Vienna gig :/

Anonymous said...

I'm in Toronto so I get to see them more than most people. But I am also mentally ill and go to every show by every single member and all of the various other projects. The past few weeks were tiring between Srats a few times, AoH, and both Jason and Kev a couple of times each.
The Kev show on Dec 8 was awesome - between it being the home crowd, all the extra bodies on stage (Evan, Charlie, Lisa, Jason, Adam, Jimmy) and all the recent post Canning album reunion talk, fantastic night.
Too bad Whitey cancelled the show - I cry every time i see AoH live - he gets me every time.
Hope you manage to see them when Brandon does his tour - the couple of his tracks that I have heard are tight.

the pacific me said...

omg I knew it :D :D

haha, there's ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong/ill about it cos I would do exactly the same if I had the chance (well...this is not an argument at all:)))

reunion...what did they say?

yes, I've heard odes to Dec8, you got Major Label Debut two times, WHAW!

ahhh, so there are more new tracks...omg! have they played more new stuff than Hit a Wall?

gooosh I can't wait for em!!!

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of hinting in the past couple of months by Kev about "it not being over", "the magic being back", and a couple of recent articles have also quoted Kev saying that there will be a new BSS album after Brendan's that will truly be a BSS album. Seeing so many people on stage back on the 8th was inspiring though and gave me just enough hope to get me through the recent solo shows - not that they aren't freaking fantastic - but nothing will ever be quite as good as seeing 10 or 15 members of BSS back up on stage for a BSS show.
Rumours are there are well over a full albums worth of songs ready to go - just waiting for everyone to have time to hit the studio - Kev has hinted that he hopes the album will be out by the end of 08. Kev made no secret that at the start of the 'hiatus', he was not in a great place mentally, he seems to be back to his old self - well - slightly happier if you ask me. I think that this album really was like therapy in a way for him - if you listen to the lyrics you can hear it too. Whatever it takes to get it all back is cool with me.

the pacific me said...

omg omg omg, this is the best new year's news, you know, there were some pesimistic rumours on the forums, whatever, I trust you and the people in this blog's poll :D THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I just HAVE TO see the whole gang onstage...the more that here in Europe they always play in little venues, the greatest atmosphere you can imagine.

(a note to myself>you should post some new stuff, don't be lazy:))