Friday, December 21, 2007

Broken Social Scene non-album tracks

Hello...It's me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.

Ok, enough of Lionel Richie. Kevin had this turn with non-album tracks now it's time for BSS. That's right. 7 beautiful songs. Maybe some of you already have it (if you is so addicted as me and Chris), but maybe some of you don't have it. please those who haven't heard these beauties, Canaddiction presents Deathcock, Do the 95, a beautiful Paul McCartney cover (Every Night), Gods, Jimmy & The Photocall, Stars And Spit and Where's Your Heart. Enjoy!

Just one more thing...I'm so sorry for my poor english. I'm Borat's friend. He is now in Brazil discovering Amazonia. Kisses kisses.


the pacific me said...

Borat, LOL! hehe poor? no way, I think you should teach him some English :D and yeah, scrabble, luv it!

W00t! said...

I'm loving this blog. Just one correction though: "Gods" is actually called "All The Gods".

Keep it up!

the pacific me said...

yay, a new addict, welcome and thanks very much :)

haha, this song is from a torrent, I know it :D it´s a live version from 2003 (San Francisco) and the official Ibi version is almost two years younger, that´s why the name´s different :)

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled accross this blog - OMG - why have I never found this before? I am a fellow Canadian music addict and my religion is Arts and Crafts artists (more particularly anything Kev has even breathed on). I have been looking for Do the 95 and All the Gods for years and fell in love with Untitled 2 when I heard it at MTV a couple of weeks ago, so a huge Thank You on this day before Christmas!!!

the pacific me said...

Hello, unknown pilgrim :) thanks for finding us, erm as you can see we've been here for less then two months, that's why we're Hard to Find (lol we're the song by The American Analog Set they play on this tour:)) we should spam a bit more around the web :D Welcome, this seems to be the right place for you, hah. And enjoy everything you get.

yeaa, Untitled2 is my fave of the new Kevin's simple but even more addictive!

and yes, have you already got the official version of All The Gods? If not, jsut let us know.

thanks + niceday (erm it's probably too late to wish you a merry Christmas...nevermind:))

Confetti said...

This site is absolutely amazing!! I have been searching for a lot of the songs on here for a long time. I am so thankful to you all.

justinphilm said...

hello friends, i bought all the 'complete' cd's of broken social scene and by complete i mean those you can buy in a music shop. i was wondering how i could get the following tracks : all the gods, do the 95, untitled2 love 5, one night man,stars and spit, death cock without purchassing them on internet... if i can even find them :S i've found live radio aligre-paris on the website though i might buy... anyways thanks for you're help

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you!!!

wesley said...

thank you so much!!! i cant get enough of this band. listen to "The most serene republic" if you havent already, youll love it. thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

So this version of gods is not the one on the 7ich

its a live recording?