Thursday, April 15, 2010


close your eyes-make a wish-open your eyes-type your wish here know what to do :)


Arcade Fire - Milk and Honey
Elliott Brood - any live recordings
Broken Social Scene - Harbourfront 07/11/2009 (the holy grail of this blog. contains the bestestest version of gimme sympathy ever.)
Broken Social Scene - Blues Fest 2005
Metric - 9:30 Club, Wash. D.C., 6/18/09 (Soundboard by NPR split up into individual tracks).
Feist - Red Demos #5, 6 and 7
*numbers 5,6,8,9 and 0 handwritten by Kevin Drew cos I want to finish this) (i have 1,2,3, 7 and 4 from a certain bss single artwork:)*
Broken Social Scene with Land Of Talk at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 24 October 2008.
Broken Social Scene w/Spiral Stairs (Human Milk) @ Sled Island
Metric - Sick Muse (acoustic)
The Most Serene Republic - Live at XMU EP
Broken Social Scene - any recordings of instore shows (toronto 9 may 2010)


Arcade Fire - 2007-10-30 Nottingham (to be posted)
Kevin Drew - Have a Life (are there any other recordings of this song?)
Stars - Too Much Love (from KCRW MBE 2000/10/27) - (to be posted)
Broken Social Scene - Choose Your Own Adventure (this one?)
Stars - Gangster's Apprentice & London Fields (from Unmixed Unmastered Unsequenced)
Emily Haines - NPR World Cafe 2007-01-31
Emily Haines - Radio Libre, BE
Stars - Angeline & Friend's Father's Mother
Jason Collett - What Goes Is Gone (Bonus Track) (to be posted)
Emily Haines - 9:30 Club, Wash. D.C., 1/10/07, divided up into individual tracks
Broken Mascis Scene - Live at the Mod Club June 23, 2006 (to be uploaded & posted)
Metric - Black Session (individual tracks)
Broken Social Scene - Sunset Junction Street Festival, Silverlake, CA 08/23/08
Jason Collett - To Wit To Woo EP
Stars - Gangster's Apprentice et London Fields (mf link)
Metric - bonus tracks from Fantasies
New Buffalo - I've Got You And You've Got Me (Broken Social Scene Remix)
Broken Social Scene - Alice The Elephant
Broken Social Scene - Death Cock


Anonymous said...

Milk And Honey - Arcade Fire

If you find that, I will marry you.

Anonymous said...

Is the Arcade Fire concert you're searching for the one with the bottle-throwing incident?

The Mango Kid said...

I wouldn't mind some Ellitt Brood live tracks if there are more floating around than the few that I've got.

seeair said...

I would love to know what people are using to record shows.

Leah said...

Broken Social Scene @ Harbourfront 07/11/2009

Anonymous said...

Actually, I would also like:

A Wrinkle In Mind
Forgiveness Device

^From the Forgiveness Rock box set.

seeair said...

Have a life
Choose your own adventure

Anonymous said...

Stars - Gangster's Apprentice
Stars - Too Much Love (live)

And any other rare Stars tracks, please! I thought I had all the miscellaneous songs from singles, comps, and such and then found out about these two.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I'm also looking for:
Stars - London Fields

Anonymous said...

Why I Want To Save You - Stars

Sam said...

Broken Social Scene - Alice The Elephant (from Roll Play album, I think it's digital only)

Jordan said...

Broken Social Scene live at Bluesfest 2005 video... it exists somewhere I believe!

Derek said...

As for "London Fields" and "Gangster's Apprentice" by Stars, I just found them here: hxxp://[6CD+4EP+4SG+1DEMO].html

Derek said...

Also, "Why I Want to Save You" is the same song as "Rollerskate". said...

how about this one?

Aaaaand if you ever come across this one, I would be totally stoked.

Sunset Junction Street Festival, Silverlake, CA 08/23/08


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for this great site and the Emily Haines/Metric Live Archive! Now for my list (& yes, I'm greedy - but I'd give my right arm...okay, make that my left pinky...for any of these Live Archive "altered" requests):

-Emily Haines live acoustic session on Radio divided up into individual tracks (Her version of Crowd Surf Off A Cliff is...magnifique!:).
-Emily Haines live on NPR World Cafe, 1/31/07, divided up into individual tracks.
-Emily Haines at the 9:30 Club, Wash. D.C., 1/10/07, divided up into individual tracks.

These last two are requests to re-activate dead Live Archive links:

-Metric at the 9:30 Club, Wash. D.C., 6/18/09 (Soundboard by NPR split up into individual tracks).
-Metric Black Session, Paris, 8/31/09 (FM Radio Broadcast with commentary between songs removed).

Well...By now I'm sure all of you would like to divide me up into individual tracks...But just so you know, my little girl pug May is a HUGE Emily Haines/Metric fan and she said she'd give up one (two?) of her stuffed squeaky toys (she has 100 - shhh...) to show her appreciation for your help! 0:}

Alan:) & May 0:}

His Gregcellency said...

Broken Social Scene -- Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights

Antoine Doinel said...

Broken Social Scene -- Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights

Anonymous said...

I don't think milk and honey has ever been recorded, has it!? But if it is we might as well add 'the year is' to the list.

Also, BSS Harbourfront 2009 if it's out there..

The Mango Kid said...

Alan & May...

I have that Emily Haines/NPR show you were asking about:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mango Kid!!!:) Megaupload was acting up on me at first, but it downloaded just now! :D

The Mango Kid said...

Not at all man. Happy to share the wealth. I think I also have your Radio Libre tracks too:

Anonymous said...

Angeline and Friend's Father's Mother, both by Stars.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mango Kid,

My pug May is sooo beyond thrilled to get this Emily Haines solo piano Radio Libre set (especially Crowd Surf Off A Cliff) that she's willing to send you 2 of her (100) stuffed toys (she never plays with the porcupine & blue rabbit anyway:). All she needs is a drop point - like your favorite coffee Toronto(?)(wild guess). As for my left pinky, I'm keeping it (Call me an Indian giver - I won't be insulted...I'm 1/16th Plains Cree).

Thanks again,
Alan:) & May 0:}

Anonymous said...

P.S. - If anyone knows if Metric played an acoustic version of Sick Muse that was recorded and either has it or knows where I can nab it...May will give you a 'like new' Nylabone she has barely touched in 11 years (No teeth marks - Is that a bargain or what?!:).

Sean said...

Broken Social Scene with Land Of Talk at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 24 October 2008.

Anonymous said...

All seven songs from The Red Demos by Feist. I've only been able to find four: Intuition, Leisure Suite, Mushaboom, and The Eastern Shore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for the already found stuff, guys!

christina said...

yes we did a lil housekeeping here today :)) thanks everyone for posting stuff! and anonymous (the first one): yes it´s exactly that show...thanks god for soulseek - again and again. said...

Thanks for posting all of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I like the Kevin Drew font. I'm going to type something and use that font. [= He's so sexy... I love that man!

John Thomy said...

Here's the Emily Haines live at the 9:30 club....I split it apart when I first downloaded it and am glad to share it with everyone!!! Enjoy!

The Mango Kid said...

Alan & May,

Though I love enjoying a drink in my favorite coffee house here in Toronto, May can keep her toys. I'm sure they're better off with her than they are with me. :-)

Feel free to let me know if you find that acoustic copy of "Sick Muse" though.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Emily Haines 9:30 Club "split"! :D

Mango Kid,

Darn...I just gave May 8 more stuffed squeaky toys she has no interest in, too (our 11 year anniversary:). Although her initial excitement over new toys is priceless (& the pet store appreciates the inevitable donations), you'd think I'd have learned by now that ratty old Curious George puppet & her bevy of stuffed squeaky footballs are all she cares about...Actually I take back part of the "no interest" comment - she loves her 2 NEW stuffed squeaky footballs!;).

Alan:) and May 0:}
Miles away in L.A.

Andrew said...

Does anyone have a copy of the Broken Mascis Scene, or Mascis Social Scene, whatever they went by...

I'm looking for the show at the Mod Club June 23, 2006. I would be very grateful if anyone has this.


Sam said...

"Actually, I would also like:

A Wrinkle In Mind
Forgiveness Device

^From the Forgiveness Rock box set."

Are these exclusive to the FRR box set?

I'd also like to know what the best-quality sounding version of "Where's Your Heart, Where's You Mind" is.

And a link to the Human Milk (aka BSS + Spiral Stairs) gig

Anonymous said...

I think they're exclusive. If the box set comes with a download card for the same tracklisting, then we could probably get those. Or a vinyl-to-mp3 converter. I have one, but helllllll, that thing was expensive and limited. /:

It's gonna have a long shelf life before it sees the light of day.

spinaret said...

Metric - Black Session (individual tracks)

Daniel said...

Broken Social Scene - LIVE at Sunset Junction.



Anonymous said...

Could someone post Gangster's Apprentice, London Fields, and Too Much Love by Stars on mediafire?

Anonymous said...

Stars - The Five Ghosts

That'll leak sometime tomorrow night/the next morning, considering they're selling pre-release copies at their shows.

And I do want one of those... perhaps ebay, or someone on here willing enough to pick me up one for twice the amount... Hmm...

christina said...


Matt said...

If anyone has the Stars set from the show at the docks in 2006, during the Canadian indie music awards that would be freaking fantastic!

Derek said...

does anyone have The Most Serene Republic's "Live at XMU" EP ?

steamer said...

Jason Collett- To Wit To Woo EP

Would love it if someone could post a link :)

Kyle said...

Broken Social Scene "Stuck" live from Instore #2 May 10th 2010. And Instore #3 at Soundscapes (All acoustic!!!)

Anonymous said...

Does onayone have the Metric - Fantasies bonus disc? Or just the sick muse remix and the two songs that haven't been posted on this blog before?

steamer said...

thank you for the hook up! :)

i would also kill for....

New Buffalo- I've Got You And You've Got Me (Broken Social Scene Remix)

i've been searching forever for it.

steamer said...

Broken Social Scene- Alice The Elephant

steamer said...

Broken Social Scene- Death Cock

Love, love, love this track.

west coast said...

bss - stuck

Derek said...

New Buffalo- I've Got You And You've Got Me (Broken Social Scene Remix)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Metric special edition tracks, but weren't there two other new tracks on it besides Waves and The Gates (and Black sheep which isn't on it I think)?

And I can't get the Alice The Elephant dl to work? DOes anyone else had this problem?

I don't want to sound ungrateful because I love this blog!

And for New Buffalo fans; I can upload the -as far as I know- myspace exclusive MBV remix of Emotional Champ. If anyone's interested I'll upload it (it is a pretty cool remix, as is the BSS one).

christina said...

anonymous: two other new tracks? all i have is: 10+4+6 there anything else i don't know about?

alice the elephant: weird, the lin worked for me..if it's still not ok i can upload it to sendspace or somewhere else.

..1 new buffalo fan here saying yes yes yes please!

thanks everyone for posting wishes n stuff...again. :))

Nettie van der Kraats said...

I saw a faulty Metric special edition dl with two songs I didn't know, but it was tagged wrong I guess.

I've got the Alice the Elephant link working now, I guess it had something to do with the pc.

Glad I can help you with the New Buffalo song, finally I can do something in return for all the great songs you linked! here it is, it's a myspace rip but it's good. I'm wondering what SDR MBV stands for, SDR My Bloody Valentine? It IS a bit shoegazey. Champ (SDR MBV Remix).mp3

Angelica said...

Looking for Stars single, Division.
I have heard it was on one of the A&C samplers

Also, Arts & Crafts Samplers. I only have 5 and 6.

And also, if anyone has any new stuff from stars, even videos to post them.

steamer said...

Stars- Division

Let me know if Alice The Elephant works. If it doesn't I'll repost.

steamer said...

Metric- Black Sheep

steamer said...

Broken Social Scene- Love Battles (Feel Good Lost Tapes)

Broken Social Scene- The Wagon (Dinosaur Jr. cover) live

steamer said...

Would love All The Gods- Broken Social Scene. Preferably not the live version.

Anonymous said...

How about the Metric Spotify covers EP?

Anonymous said...

bss sound academy toronto 27-28/11/2008

emily, julie penner and isaac brock played with them, they did a few modest mouse songs as well

steamer said...

broken social scene- new country

Anonymous said...

The Seance EP - Stars

I Do It To You And You Do It To Me Too - Stars (itunes pre-order only track)

Asleep - Stars (exclusive to the limited edition 7" box set)

Anonymous said...

This is just a general -- and huge -- THANK YOU to everybody who has posted downloads here.

I try to buy every CD I can get my hands on, and at the shows so the bands make more money, but the live stuff is an epic find.

If anybody is interested, I can post these live Stars shows:

2002 - London
2003 - KCRW
2005-09-14 - Berlin
2007 - KCRW
2007-12-02 - The Rehearsal Hall, Toronto
2007-09-20 - Berlin
2008 - Montreal

Going to a show next week...

Anonymous said...

The non-bootleg version of AFire's Suburbs/Month of May single.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Whiteman - Fear of Zen ???

spinaret said...

Broken Social Scene - Choose Your Own Adventure

From KEXP stream:

Anonymous said...

Mother, Mother by Zeus. Given to folks who bought tickets for their Mod Club show via A&C.

chungyen said...

John: The Seance EP is the same as the bonus CD for The Five Ghosts that can be found with some releases. I don't know why they named it that way.

Thank you so much for posting the two rarities from the Nightsongs vinyl. :)

Anonymous said...

choose your own adventure, as an mp3 :D

Anonymous said...

reverie sound revue discography


Any acoustic copy of 'Looks Just Like The Sun'

and an acoustic version of 'Major Label Debut' with lead vocals from Feist.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Broken Social Scene - Live at Metropolis, Montreal, October 31 2008

Anonymous said...

Metric - A perfect day ( Lou Reed cover) please C: