Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Apostle of Hustle - 2005-03-03 CBC Radio 3 session

Anyone else here who thinks Apostle of Hustle are great and Folkloric Feel is one of top idunnohowmany albums ever released?
Anyway, this is a really good radio session in a very good quality, six songs from Folkloric Feel + one from National Anthem of Nowhere. Enjoy!

01 - Animal Fat
02 - Energy of Death
03 - Kings and Queens
04 - Sleepwalking Ballad
05 - Song for Lorca
06 - Folkloric Feel
07 - Cheap Like Sebastien


medeiros, yasmin said...

can't download track 03 :(

H.A. Rodriguez said...

I actually like National Anthem of Nowhere best, but Folcloric Feel is also great!! Do you know what year was this session recorded?

the pacific me said...

that's strange, it worked for me but nevermind, I've uploaded it again, please try if it's working now :)

the date, yay I was too lazy to google it today morning but I've found it now, the crazy thing is that the order of the songs should be a bit different, Cheap Like Sebastien should be the first track and the rest is ok, that's what CBC site says :)

I think FF is the better one, definitely one of now so many "perfect" albums I know, and NAoN is the "also great" one :) gooosh how I'd like to see em live!

Anonymous said...

Note: quality and volume of these tracks are not great, but they are not bad either. Still a great listen, mostly because it's so hard to find good live Apostle of Hustle these days.

On that note: do we know what band members were present for the recording?

the pacific me said...


right, they're quite hard to fing, that's one of the reasons why this blog exists :)

the band members...as I've said in the (intro), I've got most of the boots from P2P or just randomly found and there's rarely this information included :/