Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Feel It All - 2 more mixes

Thank's to Leo.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

broken social scene - carling academy, oxford, uk - 22/05/2008

i've been pursuaded to write a few words about losing my bss virginity so here we go.

line up; kevin drew, brendan canning, justin peroff, charles spearin, sam goldberg, amy millan, evan cranley & a n other.

when i found out the lineup i was a little disappointed; no andrew, emily, leslie, lisa etc. but i figured as long as you've got brendan & kevin you're gonna enjoy it. and 1/3 of the holy trinity is awesome (thanks amy for being so nice). and what did i expect!, it's a collective. also i appreciate i'm vvvvvvvvvv lucky to get a chance to see them in the 1st place.

my viewing spot btw was front row centre between kd & amy. the set was a mixture of classic bss plus tracks from spirit if & brendan's upcoming cd. an amazing group of multi-talented and genuinely nice people. personal highlights were the whole show (2 hours) but if i had to choose it'd be "anthems", "7/4", "it's all gonna break".

p.s. brendan is a genuine rock god & as kevin says "be kind"

Friday, May 16, 2008

emily haines - la maroquinere, paris, june 8th 2007


here is/are emily & the soft skeleton for your listening pleasure. i'd recommend headphones for this as the recording is quiet. this goes out to my light-flyweight friend & s, who lives somewhere where not many of our beloved artistes ever visit. so to summarize...headphones on, shut your eyes, imagine you're there...............

#01 - our hell
#02 - crowd surf off a cliff
#03 - doctor blind
#04 - mostly waving
#05 - the maid needs a maid & nothing & nowhere
#06 - the lottery
#07 - detective daughter
#08 - reading in bed
#09 - the last page
#10 - winning
#11 - expecting to fly

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - Hamburg 2007-10-01

...the more versions of Brendan's 'new' song the better.
A short but awesome recording, this is not the whole show of course.

01 - Lucky Ones
02 - Cause = Time
03 - Fucked Up Kid
04 - Safety Bricks
05 - Hit the Wall
06 - Superconnected
07 - Lover's Spit

this one is dedicated to my precioussss co-bloggers (love that word:)), yesterday was, haha, this lil blog's half-birthday (I wanted to post this but I was a little busy and forgot...this is my alibi.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, Stages, Kingston, 5 December 2007

01) Kingston Spirit (Talk)
02) Lucky Ones
03) Cause=Time
04) Split Tequila (Talk)
05) F--ked Up Kid
06) Responsibility (Talk)
07) Safety Bricks
08) Chatty Crow (Talk)
09) TBTF
10) Stars & Sons
11) Bill Broke His Collar Bone (Talk)
12) Hit The Wall
13) Save Me (Talk)
14) Frightening Lives
15) Backed Out on the...
16) Superconnected
17) Lost Our Roadie To Snowboard Season (Talk)
18) Hard To Find (American Analog Set)
19) British Bulldog (Talk)
20) Farewell to the Pressure Kids
21) I'll Take Jimmy's Shot (Talk)
22) Feel The Pain (Dinosaur Jr. Cover)
23) Judge And Be Judged (Talk)
24) Major Label Debut
25) Doin' Things For Human Beings Besides Singing Songs About Heartbreak (Talk)
26) It's All Gonna Break
27) Sing-Along (Talk)
28) When It Begins
29) Tom Petty Is A Good Man (Talk)

From Bootlog

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's coming, It's coming in hard!


PS: Kevin's concert in Kingston..very soon! (just trying to fix my fucked up mediafire account)