Friday, December 14, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - Live at TT the Bears (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - August 28th, 2007

Hey hey. I'm here again. This time I have candys :) My christmas gift before christmas lol.

I found this excellent concert today on web. Big show, great music and NEW music. That's right, a new song by Brendan Canning. Also, lots of talking. Nice sound quality, BSS's songs and Kevin's songs. I really loved it! Enjoy

01) Intro (Banter)
02) Lucky Ones
03) Safety Bricks
04) F--ked Up Kid
05) Tbtf
06) Backed Out On The...
07) Hit The Wall (Brendan Canning song)
08) Farewell To The Pressure Kids
09) BSS Presents John Legend (Banter)
10) Broke Me Up
11) Bodhi Sappy Weekend
12) Frightening Lives
13) Happy Birthday Cameron Drew
14) Superconnected
15) Canada Vs. America
16) Who's In Love? (Banter)
17) Lover's Spit
18) Nixing The Encore (Talking)
19) Major Label Debut


Solak said...

Great set and great sound.

Keep up the good work!

the pacific me said...

thnx! I love Brendan's "Hit a Wall", great to finally have it :)