Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jason Collett w/ Paso Mino - Live in Minneapolis @ The Fine Line - 01.29.2006

Another great concert by Jason Collett and his band Paso Mino. I specially like the quality of the sound and of course, the setlist. Enjoy :)

01) Intro/Fire
02) We All Lose One Another
03) Federal Republic
04) Brownie Hawkeye
05) Not Over You
06) Hangover Days (With Feist)
07) Blue Sky
08) I'll Bring the Sun
09) Waiting for the World
10) Pavement Puddle Stars

PS: On track 7, please rename the title and write .mp3 at the end. It will work :)


the pacific me said...

whaw, I luv this one! And want the new one (=the album:))

paula fernanda said...

very good xD