Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew - 2007-11-18, 9:30 Club, Washington DC

photo by Joel Didriksen for kingpinphoto.com

Whoaaaaaa, a REALLY new stuff is what I've got for you today, as fresh as it goes.

What a Sunday, definitely not silent nor gray (no no kids, this is not turning into a Morrissey blog, no fear:). Just try to listen to the beginning of Lover's Spit and you'll see why I started like this. And when you're listening to this wonderful song, wait till it ends and please tell me what Kevin's singing at the very end of it. I'm trying to figure it out but I'm not really sure about it and I won't sleep before I find out :). There are more more things that just have to make you smile, like deciding where to continue playing Cause = Time after the power failure (ladies and gentlemen, this is the unique chance to hear BSS SINGING five notes of the solo, lol:))

I saw the guys in Vienna a month ago so this bootleg is all the more precious to me, I'm ssssooo very happy I've got this!
The guys are as cute as then, but the setlist is a bit different, we had Bodhi Sappy Weekend, Gang Bang Suicide (the very last song) and Hit The Wall from Brendan Canning's forthcoming album (he told us it's gonna be released in April 2008, wooo, I can't wait! The first song is stunning!) instead of It's All Gonna Break and the two covers (woooo, this is the battle of the indie rock bands!). Well (weeeeeeeeell!), I should stop talking, enjoy all this straight from them and discover more awwww-this-is-greaat moments.

You can listen to it here (haha, don't forget to read the advisory:).

Of course we won't leave you without a download link.
There you go, folks:
part 1
part 2


01 - Lucky Ones
02 - Cause = Time
03 - Fucked Up Kid
04 - Safety Bricks
05 - tbtf
06 - Stars and Sons
07 - Frightening Lives
08 - Backed Out On The ...
09 - Superconnected
10 - Hard to Find (American Analog Set, Andrew Kenny singing)
11 - Farewell To The Pressure Kids
12 - Major Label Debut (fast)
13 - Kennel District (Pavement cover)
14 - Feel The Pain (Dinosaur Jr. cover)
15 - Lover's Spit
16 - It's All Gonna Break
17 - When It Begins

p.s.: if I'm less lazy I'll send some videos from Vienna here :)


medeiros, yasmin said...

thank youuuuu. you're an angeeel :)

the pacific me said...

whaw! how can you be that quick? :D I've just sent this :D NJOY!!!

H.A. Rodriguez said...

i can't never thank you guys enough!! =D

the pacific me said...

you're aBSSolutely welcome :)

Beckhamcrosses said...

You Rawk!!!!!!

Thanks so much . . . . .

Love and greetings from New Zealand!

the pacific me said...

how cool there are canaddicts all around the world :) welcome, sit down and have a cup of tea :)