Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Broken Social Scene - 2004-02-12 Kataweb, Rome

This is a very cute acoustic session from 2004.

addiction: the piano version of Stars and Sons with Kevin whispering "you forgot it in people" (if you listen carefully to the YFIIP version, you'll hear it. More distorted but it's there, I didn't know this for a long long time).
addiction2: Justin's cap :)

01 - Stars and Sons
02 - Fire (Jason Collett)
03 - Shaharazed (Apostle of Hustle)
04 - Sleep Tonight (Stars)
05 - Piano Interlude
06 - Lover's Spit

What I recommend is the video of the whole session. The BSSomething is definitely there. Enjoy.



H.A. Rodriguez said...

this is sweeet

the pacific me said...

I just love the atmosphere of this. a real family.