Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stars - 2005-09-14 Berlin

01 - intro
02 - Set Yourself On Fire
03 - Soft Revolution
04 - Elevator Love Letter
05 - Reunion
06 - You Ex-Lover Is Dead
07 - What I'm Trying To Say
08 - One More Night
09 - Ageless Beauty
10 - He Lied About Death\

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Carlos said...

thank you very much for this.. :D its so nice

Beckhamcrosses said...


the pacific me said...

you're both welcome :)

this is very strange, I uploaded this gig in the morning, decided to make a Stars day and in a few hours I found out Stars are going to play in Vienna, 100 kilometres from here, yay I'm happy like a kid!

Simon Kjellberg said...

oh oh oh no, i can't download the file. Something seems to be broke :/
Kan ju upload this again? Thank you.

christina said...

Hej Simon, this is strange cos it's working normally for me. Have you tried to get any other bootlegs/stuff? Dunno why but some people have a problem with mediafire links, I'm not sure it that's your case or if there's only a problem with this one.
anyway, varsÄgod

Simon Kjellberg said...

hey. The other stuff worked normally, this was the only one i had problem with, but the new link worked just fine.

I have no clue what happened with my spelling, i was quite in a rush hehe.

Tack! Thanks!

christina said...

cool, good to know I should upload it on mediafire again.

and come oooon I liked it :D it's just strange no one usually speaks Swedish to me and today you're the second one :D weird