Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stars - 2007-11-24 Winnipeg, MB

Been a little busy (that's 'lazy' in the language of my tribe), I also should be sitting on my ass and studying Mathematical Analysis at the moment, this is what I call the best time to post someting new, and this bootleg IS the newest one I have in my collection. A beautiful mixture of In Our Bedroom After The War and the older tracks as you probably know from the other boots of this tour. A great show...but which one isn'

Another reason why I'm posting Stars and Stars only is...omg, we're going to see them THREE TIMES in February, twice with Apostle of Hustle, YAY! All this in eight days and just because AoH cancelled the show in Vienna (and ONLY this one). I think we would never make such a crazy plan if they just came here:).
Blessed be AoH for this, 3+2 is more than 1+1...erm going back to my precious fascinating Analysis to prove this unequality, enjoy Stars!

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Beckhamcrosses said...

Here's some more maths . .

tha +(nky) -ou


Thank you . . .!

Love the Stars!

the pacific me said...

(maths + love) = (Love and Mathematics) (:

Sarahmouche said...

Anyone not see that coming?

the pacific me said...

Ms. Teacher, guess who's just fallen in love with your blog :D