Monday, January 28, 2008

Stars - 2002-01-18 Santa Monica, CA @ KCRW Radio

Laaaah-dadiiii-dadaaaaaah! Today I'm posting a bit of time travelling, a session played whole 6 years ago (gosh that's aaaaages, I was a little kid standing at the gate of something called "real music"). Ok, let's stop being nostalgic. This sessie contains stuff not so easy to find live on the web like tracks from the Comeback EP, the first album Nightsongs (at least they're still playing On Peak Hill), new tracks from Heart (I would kill for hearing The Woods live!) and an interview .

00 - Intro
01 - The Woods
02 - Violent
03 - Look Up
04 - On Peak Hill
05 - Interview
06 - Aspidistra Files
07 - Don't Be Afraid to Sing
08 - The Comeback
09 - Outro
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emma said...

Love this blog so much!!!

And you've kinda made my night with this post :) Think this is the only KCRW session I don't have.

Saw them last night in Glasgow ... dead good but totally different to when I last saw them (Winnipeg ... the bootleg that was posted)! The venue just made it so different!

I recorded it ... unsure of the quality atm though.

Keep up the amazing posts :)

emma said...

Oh, and btw ... they played The Woods live last night :)

the pacific me said...

thank yoooooou :)

oh man, Glasgow + Winnipeg, that´s quite a distance!

great you like this particular one, it´s been chosen veery randomly just like most of the other stuff:))

and yeah, if it´s at least a bit worth listening, could you please upload the Glasgow show anywhere?

yea the venue makes the gig, agree. I especially love the tiny ones where one feels like in a living-room and can´t almost touch the band from the first row :)

YAY The Woods!!! now you made mine! (in fact only the half of it, credits for the other half go to the person who´s sent me some Feist´s early band Placebo tracks:))

erm I´m playing with Statistics at the moment so let´s compute this: There are three different Stars gigs, what´s the probability it´ll be played at least once? :D

emma said...

Haha ... I was in Canada (out in the actual middle of nowhere) for four months last year and when I got back to Winnipeg, two days before I was going home they were playing! It was a work placement for uni and the gig ended it perfectly!

Listening to my recording for the second time now ... I'm pretty happy with it (I'll edited it and see about uploading)! Not brilliant quality but very listen-able I feel!

Yeah ... the Burton Cummings Theater is like a concert hall and Oran Mor, Glasgow is actually like a living room (it has couches - haha)! Both awesome shows, but with very little in common. Small venues rule though :)

OoOoOoOo...*excitement* can I hope to assume these Placebo tracks may be making a blog appearance in the near future?!?!

Yeah ... I'd say your statistics are good :) And I'm jealous your going to three gigs ... oh, and Apostle of Hustle were great also :)

the pacific me said...

whaw, that's so awesome!
Stars seem to have a special talent for choosing the right tourdates, for you with the Winnipeg show and for me with next week, because this is my only free week I have this winter:)

oh cool, I'm waiting impatiently :) I wanted to ask you what else they played...but now I hope I'll see (and hear) :D

haha, I also saw BSS Presents Kev in a lil club with couches :D, us sitting on the carpet before the gig and dialogues like "look at that man, doesn't his hair look like Kevin's?" "of course cos it is Kev :D
This is why big gigs kinda suck for me, hysterical kids, no familiar atmo'n'the untouchability (hope this word exists:)) of the band

Placebo, yay, follow the link Gustavo has sent in the chatbox + I have two more tracks (Poet on a Roof is just WHAW), upped it here>

AoH, now I don't know who I want to see more, luckily I doesn't have to solve this dilemma :) but come on, Feist and BSS are touring here this spring and I'm waiting impatiently for Jason Collett tourdates, there'll be enough great music here in 08

emma said...

Haha ... Torquil was standing next to my friend for one of the AoH songs singing like his life depended on it ... pretty awesome :) I had a ticket to see Kevin Drew in Glasgow, but I got asked to stay longer in Canada (its amazing how many Canadian bands/artists I missed in Scotland while being in Canada ... haha, the irony of it all)!

Would love to see Jason Collett live :)

Hope you have enjoyed/enjoy Stars and AoH

Not had time to split my audio yet ... argh uni ... but will get round to it soon.

the pacific me said...

whaw :D gosh AoH were just fantastic, what a pity they had to cancel another four shows.

this was the best fuckin trip I´ve ever been to, yay still too excited to write a serious review but a little thingy at least:


Frankfurt (our second gig), early evening, we wanted to get some coffee and ended up in a cafĂ© that was in the same building as the club. The tourbus was already standing there, we´ve seen some members etc... I went to the toilet, there were stairs leading downstairs. I suddenly heard Take Me To The WHAT?! There must be a stage behind that door! I stayed sitting on the stairs listening to the soundcheck and guess what they started to play. THE WOODS of course (the song was also written on the setlist but they didn´t played it :/ nvrmnd, I still can say I´ve heard The Woods live. So...after ten minutes Pat was walking around, he remembered me from Amsterdam and asked me if we were on the guestlist (haha Torq had promised to put us on it in A´dam, he must have thought we coudn´t be normal when we came so far to see em. Nevermind)

soooo this was an incredible trip, the gigs were just amazing...and they are all so so cute!

//going to play with the photos and stuff//

yooo the Glasgow show: no need to hurry at all :)

Jason! I wonder if he´s coming to Europe or not, it would be SO SO great!
and yes, the BSS tourdates are PRETTY strange! looks just like another "little trip"