Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jason Collett, Grad Club, Kingston, 1 December 2006

(just a quick post)

So when we have a Jason Collett day today, it won´t be completely offtopic to post this link, even if you all probably know/have it. A couple of days ago I discovered this gig on B(oot)log (btw one of my fave music blogs, highly recommended). It´s from late 2006 but there are already a few Here´s To Being Here songs. Go there for more info. :)
(and vivat Mathalysis, GOT IT!:)


Katherine said...

I sincerely love your obsession with A&C.

the pacific me said...

lol I feel like living 2mm above ground since the bss gig so I'm afraid it's going to be worse and worse :D

danielfrankh said...

B(OOT)LOG is great thanks so much check out my 'gig' if you get the time and the inclination

sea cloud [2008]

the pacific me said...

thanks, I surely will :p

(lol "Arts&Crafts blog" that sounds as we were an official A&C blog:))))