Saturday, January 19, 2008

Metric - 2007-10-09 Seattle

Ahhh, still too much work here, cruel January :/ so I'm sorry for not posting much stuff these days. Hope you'll enjoy this Metric boot including...oh yes, a looooot of NEW unreleased songs :)

01. [Intro]
02. Freddy
03. Twilight
04. Poster Of A Girl
05. Dead Disco
06. Joyride
07. Empty
08. Standing in Line
09. Hustle Rose
10. Combat Baby
11. [End Of The Tour]
12. The Hooks (Give Me Sympathy)
13. Handshakes
14. Rock Me Now
15. [Intermission]
16. Monster Hospital
17. Stadium Love


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medeiros, yasmin said...

chris rocks? yes she does!

Ryan Heimberger said...

Always glad for some new Metric, but the crowd noise is driving me crazy!

the pacific me said...

yasmin: me? oh come on :D THEY do!

ryan: cool, another Metric gig´s gonna appear veeery soon. and you´re
absolutely right, sounds like 15-year-old kids :/ and the worst thing is when you´re standing next to kids like this at the gig, arrrgrh.

matt said...

wow....amazing show...just makes me sad that i haven't seen them yet