Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stars - 2009-01-10 Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan

while you're waiting for [fixed -----> the five ghosts] you can enjoy a live version of undertow (and 20 more tracks).

1. Maintenance Hall, 4am
2. The Night Starts Here
3. Take Me to the Riot
4. Soft Revolution
5. Window Bird
6. What The Snowman Learned About Love
7. Reunion
8. Bitches in Tokyo
9. Going, Going, Gone
10. Look Up
11. Ageless Beauty
12. Midnight Coward
13. A Thread Cut with a Carving Knife
14. Undertow
15. What I'm Trying to Say
16. Elevator Love Letter
17. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
18. Set Yourself on Fire
19. My Favourite Book
20. Calendar Girl
21. One More Night

[this is blog post number 5! (5 factorial:))]


Leah said...

eeeee thanks!

Anonymous said...

is Track 1 missing for anybody else?

christina said...

it's back. if you've already downloaded the incomplete file here's maintenance hall 4am

John said...

FYI to whoever runs this, Fixed is set to be released/streamed/whatever April 20. The article is somewhere, in case you don't already know...

christina said...