Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Broken Social Scene - a few live tracks

cataddiction: waiting for the new album

no no please don't get more excited than necessary, these are just a few songs ripped from youtube vids you've already seen twenty times and i wanted them in an ipod-friendly format. enjoy!

World Sick (Toronto 2009-6-17)
Texico Bitches (Austin TX 2009-10-02)
Sweetest Kill (Dallas TX 2009-08-07)
Forced to Love (Toronto 2009-06-17)



albertricci@gmail.com said...

I've been wanting this version of Like A Fadeout/Sweetest Kid with Evan Cranley. His guitar in this performance is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

what about that song from the verge awards! That's probably my favorite of the new material.. I hope it ends up on the album..

Zac said...

I think Untitled2 is now officially known as "Sweetest Kill"... which is listed as track 11 off the forthcoming Forgiveness Rock Record. http://www.arts-crafts.ca/releases_spotlight.php?search=AC054

christina said...

sure, and Texaco is Texico :p