Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's coming, It's coming in hard!


PS: Kevin's concert in Kingston..very soon! (just trying to fix my fucked up mediafire account)


Sarahmouche said...

It is sick how excited I am about this. The album version of Hit the Wall is so much tighter than the few times I have heard it live. Love it.

christina said...

yayyyyyyy for Brendan the Hugger!!!!

Sarah->you're definitely not the only one.

PLEASE don't visit my last.fm profile tonight.

haha July22, that's 3 days after my b-day, GREAT timing! can't believe it's so close. btw the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

(neverending last.fm discussions about tagging Brendan coming soon:))

helen said...

aaaahhhhh I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...