Saturday, May 24, 2008

broken social scene - carling academy, oxford, uk - 22/05/2008

i've been pursuaded to write a few words about losing my bss virginity so here we go.

line up; kevin drew, brendan canning, justin peroff, charles spearin, sam goldberg, amy millan, evan cranley & a n other.

when i found out the lineup i was a little disappointed; no andrew, emily, leslie, lisa etc. but i figured as long as you've got brendan & kevin you're gonna enjoy it. and 1/3 of the holy trinity is awesome (thanks amy for being so nice). and what did i expect!, it's a collective. also i appreciate i'm vvvvvvvvvv lucky to get a chance to see them in the 1st place.

my viewing spot btw was front row centre between kd & amy. the set was a mixture of classic bss plus tracks from spirit if & brendan's upcoming cd. an amazing group of multi-talented and genuinely nice people. personal highlights were the whole show (2 hours) but if i had to choose it'd be "anthems", "7/4", "it's all gonna break".

p.s. brendan is a genuine rock god & as kevin says "be kind"


Anonymous said...

And is this been recorded?

matt said...

ann - unfortunately it appears not but hey, a recording may turn up to give me the perfect memory :)

Anonymous said...

gaah I wish there was at least one recording from the current tour