Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, Stages, Kingston, 5 December 2007

01) Kingston Spirit (Talk)
02) Lucky Ones
03) Cause=Time
04) Split Tequila (Talk)
05) F--ked Up Kid
06) Responsibility (Talk)
07) Safety Bricks
08) Chatty Crow (Talk)
09) TBTF
10) Stars & Sons
11) Bill Broke His Collar Bone (Talk)
12) Hit The Wall
13) Save Me (Talk)
14) Frightening Lives
15) Backed Out on the...
16) Superconnected
17) Lost Our Roadie To Snowboard Season (Talk)
18) Hard To Find (American Analog Set)
19) British Bulldog (Talk)
20) Farewell to the Pressure Kids
21) I'll Take Jimmy's Shot (Talk)
22) Feel The Pain (Dinosaur Jr. Cover)
23) Judge And Be Judged (Talk)
24) Major Label Debut
25) Doin' Things For Human Beings Besides Singing Songs About Heartbreak (Talk)
26) It's All Gonna Break
27) Sing-Along (Talk)
28) When It Begins
29) Tom Petty Is A Good Man (Talk)

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Anonymous said...


credit where credit's due?

medeiros, yasmin said...

how can you be so sure I downloaded at your blog? :)

Anonymous said...

well, since you've linked to my site elsewhere, since the titles of the tracks are identical, since I'm pretty much the only taper in the city (at least the only one who post stuff regularly), I figured it was a pretty safe assumption to say that it came from my site (and it can still can be found there). i'm just downloading pt. 1 now and when i open the tracks I bet I'll even find my URL in the comment tags.

A link to the page where I originally posted the set is all I'm looking for.

christina said...

lol i don't really know where else would anyone of us have it from (:

medeiros, yasmin said...

well,'re right...but how can you be SO sure it came from your blog? for your information...I got from a blog that might have downloaded it from yours...I don't remember the adress, therefor it's not really my problem.

Internet is huge, you know? And is also free.

Anyway...i'm going to put your credits here, even though I got somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

You are right. I can't be sure that you got the files directly from my site but that is really beside the point. The point is that it *is* my recording and it *did* come from my site (whether you or someone else got it from there in the first place - i was right about the comment tags, not that there was any doubt in my mind before) and there should be some recognition of that fact. And if I come across where you got it from I will ask that they acknowledge me, too.

The internet is a big place where contexts are lost and recreated but that does not mean there isn't room for respect.

So, I completely understand that you may have been unaware of the origin of the recording and I thank you for adding the link once it was brought to your attention.

I'm trying not to come across like a dick here because it is really not a big deal. I am, as indicated in my first comment, just looking for credit where credit is due.