Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Metric - Live at Metropolis (DVD Audio)

01) Live It Out
02) Glass Ceiling
03) Wet Blanket
04) Too Little Too Late
05) Poster Of A Girl
06) Patriarch On A Vespa
07) Monster Hospital
08) Handshakes
09) The Police And The Private
10) Hustle Rose
11) Combat Baby
12) Dead Disco
13) Love Is A Place
14) Poster Of A Girl (Video Mix)
15) Monster Hospital (Video Mix)
16) Empty (Video Mix)


Sarahmouche said...

Thank you, thank you.♫

H.A. Rodriguez said...


may i suggest the use of tags? =)

christina said...

Yasmiiiiiin, merci for metric :)

haha tags, of course, let's stop being lazy :D

matt said...

yay metric, thanks yasmin

emily said...

woohoo! thanks i was thinking about how i wanted an mp3 of this :)

emily said...

oh, if you guys ever want my metric remixes and acoustic songs just ask.

christina said...

guess I'll send you a last.fm pm :))

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Well, although I'm one year and one month plus too late...Would it be possible to re-up this one, Yasmin? Ummm...Would it help my cause if I told you that just this past Saturday my adorable little girl pug May & I celebrated her 11th "Coming Home" anniversary (April 17th - also my birthday...but let's keep that part quiet, okay?:)???

P.S. - May is a HUGE Emily Haines/Metric fan, too!!! :D

Okay, I've run out of ammo. We'll just keep our fingers & toes crossed...

Alan :) & May 0:}