Monday, March 17, 2008

Broken Social Scene - 2005 XFM session

I've just realized the ladies seem to have mastery over this blog (or a few previous posts at least) so I'm adding this short session here, a proud member of my "lullaby playlist" (that was a compliment), Ibi is definitely one of the best songs ever written and I don't think I'll ever decide if I'm a bigger fan of the proper wild version with all those sound walls and a jungle of horns or this acoustic piece of bliss.

01 - Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
02 - Swimmers
03 - Fire Eye'd Boy
04 - Superconnected


Sarahmouche said...

Never heard this before - Ibi is far and away my favourite song, LOVE this version, but for entirely different reasons than I love the loud brassy Paris '05 version. Thank you!!

christina said...

I don't have a fave song cos changes every week (but says it's Stars and Sons:)) dunno.

I absolutely adore the kcrw version of Ibi but yay, the whole Paris boot is one of the best, one of the reasons is both fast and slow (tagged as medium:)) version of Major Label Debut and yes, I've said this half a million times: it was a little show, about 300 people so it definitely has the proper intimate atmosphere.

Michael said...

added 08 December 2005 at 17.00


christina said...

awwww....never trust the tags :))