Saturday, February 23, 2008

Broken Social Scene - KVRX 2003-03-14

Today I'm posting one of the shorter gigs but it's still one of my favourites. Not because of Pi in the date (I'm not quite kidding, my Mathematical Analysis teacher at the university kinda celebrated it:)) nor because it's the very first BSS show (chronologically) in my folders. In these just 28 mins you can hear BSS's (I dunno why) officially never released gems like New Country (btw one of my fave songs sung by Feist) and Willie Nelson + three more songs (and YAY, what songs!).

(I've just found out says they played 5 songs from YFIIP and offers THREE of them for a free download. Double ignorants. :)

*Brendan starting Stars and Sons with "why don't you share it" + tambourine "clapping"? Yes please!

And yes, I hope there's at least one person who hasn't got this yet.

01 - Stars and Sons
02 - 7/4 (Shoreline)
03 - New Country
04 - Willie Nelson
05 - Cause = Time


Sarahmouche said...

Thank you, thank you!! For the record, I would rather have 50 BSS gigs than, well, pretty much anything actually.

the pacific me said...

no prob :) if BSS Presents Kev gigs count as well, 50 is not an impossible number at all :p

Anonymous said...

Love the site! Keep on doing what your doing..The world does not need another flavor of the month blog in which people are fans of a band for a quick minute and move on. That to me is not about the music at all! Cheers!

the pacific me said...

oh thanks so much,
and yes, I don't think I could run a blog like that, the new/unknown music exploring mood doesn't catch me so often (but I'm not saying 'never'), I'm probably getting old/lazy (like it tho) :D

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for all this music, I totally love BSS and I guess I'm at the right place to find out live performances and all about BSS... tahnk you so much! Keep up the really really good work!

L said...

muchas muchas gracias

Meauw said...

Whohooow, on mw way to prepare on Broken Social Scene playing Europe (ATP!) I found your site: It is a dream come true, thank you so so so so extra much!!!

Meauw (from Germany)