Sunday, March 9, 2008

Feist - New Pop Festival, Baden Baden 2007-09-20 (mp3 + DVD)

A few days ago I randomly found this wonderful Feist concert DVD for a free download here. Cool to have it in a proper quality.
AND I've never known this is the city where her great-grandfather was from!

01 - When I Was a Young Girl
02 - So Sorry
03 - The Limit To Your Love
04 - Mushaboom
05 - I Feel It All
06 - Secret Heart
07 - Inside and Out
08 - Sealion
09 - The Water
10 - 1234
11 - Let It Die
12 - My Moon My Man

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p.s.: the Trabendo session mp3's (bless slsk again) haev been uploaded, you can find em in the older post


paula fernanda said...

huhuhuh Feist! o/

Luis Sanchez said...

I think the link for the concert is down: it sends me to a page with no download link. Could you upload the concert please or give me another link? Thankyou! Great site!