Friday, February 15, 2008

Stars - some vids from Flex, Vienna 2008-02-13

Aight, I know posting youtube erm quality shit on the blog is not quite our style, but please let me be a bit off-topic this time cos ladies and gentlemen, this crappy crap is mine!

The Woods:

Calendar Girl:

+ if you want to see some pix:

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Q: What is Stars Wars?
A: Stars Wars is kinda random fighting with your friend using Pat McGee´s drumsticks up in the first row after the gig while the (more) normal fans behind you think you´re not quite ok.

note: Pat can also play drums with a rose.


medeiros, yasmin said...

i hate you :(

(i'm kidding)

the pacific me said...

my friend told me everyone on the blog would hate me if I say/publish something about the triple Stars trip.

now it´s here I guess :)

(erm kidding as well)

Sarahmouche said...

People can hate me more - I saw them three nights in a row back in November, one of the days I also went to MTV to see them that afternoon as well, plus I saw them again a week later at the Live at the Rehearsal Hall show. There are very few times when it pays to live in Toronto, generally the only exception to that rule is that I get to see Arts and Crafts artists more than the rest of the world. That alone is enough reason to be thankful I live here, although . . . if it doesn't stop snowing soon . . .

the pacific me said...

haha let's make a "the most hated one wins" competition :D

no seriously...what's so bad about living in your grey depressing city (that was on a blog, not my idea:))?
I've always been so envious but now I don't know, somehow I'm starting to like it the way it is, the A&C bands come here like...twice/3 times a year (and not even to my country but well, as I've seen in Europe nothing's THAT far:)), that's not too much but the more excited we are about it so I'm like a charged battery two months before + after the gig :D and when they're finally here, the gigs are little ( about 300 ppl) cos most people have never heard about them (how selfish, huh). And that's what I like the most you know, a really proper meet and greet (YAY! Stars + AoH are so incredibly nice, the week + three shows...that would be enough for a book! lol they've even put on the guestlist (passpo-ort, weightle-ess| when they found out how far we'd traveled to see them (well it was not only bcs of them, whatever, this was probably my nicest week ever, a great change after sitting the whole month with Math books:)). definitely worth traveling...erm 4000 km.
And T

ok let's stop it :) gotta get back into reality :) time to start sending some gigs or what.

gosh I WANT SNOW! The weather was like in August the whole week. please up some on mediafire.

"I didn't even know we had a fan in Slovakia" (Torq)

Sarahmouche said...

You are more than welcome to my snow. Actually, a bit warmer today so it is going to be more of a "snain" situation (snow/rain - NOT good). I realised after I added that comment that within the week and a half following "Stars week" as I am now referring to it, I also saw Kev once, Jason twice and possibly the best AoH show ever. I am willing to put up with buckets of snain for that kind of action.
I too love small club gigs - so much more pesonal and mostly real fans who do not talk through half of the set and do the "OMG, I totally know this song!!" (hate those girls).

the pacific me said...

lol I'm definitely coming...erm summer 09 so probably no snow again ;)

yay you lucky one :) gosh I would be walking half a year like a ghost after something like this :D 3 Stars gig + 1 AoH (and 1 Stars soundcheck:))) was enough (but not enough) for me. yay. Plus I've seen some Feist + BSS European tourdates, looks just like a trip, looks just like it. Hope Jason will also add something close to us.

real fans you say, erm yes and no. There was pretty much talking in the back of the club, I didn't hear it from the first row but Torq looked a bit annoyed by it. And what I don't understand is that right after the gig 95 % of the people go to the party in the club. Our way is browsing around the tourbus, meeting everybody and then spending the night walking in the almost silent streets of the Vienna city centre (the lamps are shining everywhere so it's not dark at all, a really wonderful atmosphere (Before Sunrise anyone?), all the pretty stuff minus thousands of tourists, yay. Maybe a bit strange, but the gig mood remains hours longer:))

I was only surprised that Stars seem to be better known in Austria than BSS...when we saw Kev & Co. in the same club this autumn there were less people and nobody went to chat with em but our gang (and a lady in a TMSR T-shirt:)), now there were people standing in freezing cold waiting for em...good morning, Vienna! :)

gosh I write too much again@@@

lenlenmarie said...

I'm very jealous.

And I wish I lived in Toronto, too.

okay bye.

the pacific me said...

lenlenmarie: don't forget our Spirit If.../YFIIP plan :D one day, muahahaha, uknowhat!

a little thingy from today's walk in Bratislava (at least it's a song by Beirut):

Old Time's Sake said...

it was great, my mind coming back to almost the triple Stars trip...

wish I see them again