Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stars - 2010-05-10 Winnipeg, MB, Canada

..wanna hear all tracks from The Five Ghosts before it leaks?

01. Dead Hearts
02. Wasted Daylight
03. I Died So I Could Haunt You
04. Fixed
05. We Don't Want Your Body
06. He Dreams He's Awake
07. Changes
08. The Passenger
09. The Last Song Ever Written
10. How Much More
11. Winter Bones
12. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
13. The Night Starts Here
14. Take Me to the Riot
15. Elevator Love Letter
16. Heart
17. Ageless Beauty
18. One More Night
19. Calendar Girl

20. Tonight

mediafire (.mp3)
dimeadozen (.flac)


Angelica said...

This is awesome. Thank you so much Christina, I cannot wait to listen to it!

Angelica said...

The passenger seems to have a bug in it. I am only able to listen up to 1:08 and then it scratches to Take Me To The Riot. Is anyone else having this problem?

Angelica said...

Edit: I just put the songs in order and am still having the same problem. By any chance could you upload the passenger separately.

christina said...

angelica: of course, here´s the passenger

i´ll upload the whole show again if more people have the same problem (:

Anonymous said...

This is crazy good. You caught me in an indulgent mood, I said I wouldn't listen to the album, but what the hell. It's sounding great, thank you! (:

Angelica said...

Christina, thank you. I am no longer having that problem!

Leah said...

Thanks Christina!
God, We Don't Want Your Body is fucking fantastic. As is the rest of the album. Can't wait for June 22nd...

Kelley said...

Thanks, Christina! I was having trouble with track 8 too.