Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Broken Social Scene - 2005-10-21 Montreal

01 cause = time
02 ibi dreams of pavement (a better day)
03 7/4 (shoreline)
04 handjobs for the holidays
05 superconnected
06 late nineties bedroom rock for the missionaries
07 shampoo suicide
08 hotel
09 major label debut
10 stars & sons
11 fire eye'd boy
12 almost crimes
13 anthems for the seventeen year old girl
14 [phone call to jason collett]
15 lover's spit
16 bandwitch
17 kc accidental
18 it's all gonna break



albertricci@gmail.com said...

Thanks! :)

adám said...

my fave bootleg :)

Coxsone said...

Could anyone please tell me what the sound quality is like on this? Soundboard? Crowd? ... I love bootlegs, but there's nothing more disappointing then a really crappy quality one...

I'd appreciate some help:P

christina said...

maybe i should post a sample..... superconnected: http://www.mediafire.com/?hmgmmlkn31j

coxone said...

... not sure if my last comment posted, but thanks! :P

keep being awesome
... much appreciated

Ondrej.Ko said...

cute pic! made it yourself, chris? ;)

christina said...

hey o.k (:
yeah..lil chris was creative again :D
(this pic) - (zoom) = (a silk tie a la bss).

steph said...

wow. this bootlegs sounds aaaaah-amazing. THANK YOU. i love you canaddition for providing the best, as always. shampoo suicide gave me more chilly shivers than usual. loved it.

heobeo said...

Deutsch Tschechisch Übersetzertannlege
Thank you for posting this

Coach said...

Part 1 is Broken. (Pun Intended).

Can anyone put it up online?