Friday, January 9, 2009

Metric - acoustic stuff

i've stolen the photo from here promised ages ago :)

2006-10-04 live on MPR:

01 - Ending Start
02 - Interview 1
03 - Monster Hospital
04 - Interview 2
05 - Live It Out

+ random (partially tagless) stuff:

Between The Bars
Live It Out
Gimme Sympathy
Monster Hospital
Don't Think Twice It's Alright
Live It Out (another version rather than my graphomania)
Too Little Too Late
Love Is a Place
Combat Baby
Monster Hospital
Calculation Theme

(copy+paste '(acoustic)' everywhere)


thanks to Emily for this.

***Jan16 - some songs added:

Rawside of Metric:

Give Me Sympathy
Help I'm Alive
Satellite Mind
Twilight Galaxy

+ Help I'm Alive (extended version)

thanks to Sarah for making me start hunting for this
and dustycool66 + metricforum for making the hunt short.

get em



aldrinnn said...

Emily, thank you! I've always thought Emily's (Haines) voice sounded more beautiful in soft acoustics. Thank you!


Thank you, I've been looking everywhere for Between the Bars!

Ryan Heimberger said...

This may keep me from going insane until the new Metric album is released.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much :)♥

-- a.