Thursday, July 31, 2008

feist - trabendo session - paris - 14th december 2005

thanks firstly to yasmin for setting up the cannadiction e-mail. our 1st request was from everett who is as i type driving from florida to grant park in chicago for lolla 2008. it puts into perspective (for me anyhow) how lucky we are to get to see our favourite bands in the flesh so if i bitch about the cost blah, blah, blah in the future, slap me! personally i adore putting the ipod on and blissing out while the train whisks me to delightful destinations in oxford, london, bristol etc. anyway enough rambling from me here's the show;

#1 - intro/when i was a young girl

#2 - secret heart

#3 - gatekeeper

#4 - somewhere down the road

#5 - one evening

#6 - the buildup

#7 - inside & out

#8 - now at last

#9 - sally's song

#10 - mushaboom

#11 - sea lion woman

#12 - let it die

#13 - major label debut/outro

the avi from this was posted back in the day here

link -