Saturday, July 19, 2008

feist - berlin, germany, 11th november 2004

thanks flickr

i'm off to the 1st annual canaddiction bloggers summit meeting which is taking place in london this coming thursday.

here's some live let it die era miss feist for you all.

this goes out to s & all of you who've had a s****y week @ work/school.

#1 - when i was a young girl

#2 - gatekeeper

#3 - one evening

#4 - anti pioneer

#5 - secret heart

#6 - leisure suite

#7 - mushaboom

#8 - foolproof

#9 - lonely lonely

#10 - the simple story

#11 - that girl

#12 - sea lion woman

#13 - intuition

#14 - let it die

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Helen said...

thank you SO much.

christina said...

feist and london summit in 1 blog post equals a random offtopicture i took just a few blocks from where i'm living now xoxo

Sarahmouche said...

Fabulous - I love the earlier versions of Sea Lion Woman and When I Was a Young Girl!!!

Pia Loreto said...

I just can't download the second part!
Is it something wrong with it? Could you upload it again or on some other link, please?
Thanks, the first part it's just gorgeous.

paula fernanda said...

thank you!!

Cima said...

Thanks for posting this one. You wouldn't happen to have an mp3 or video of Feist's "Mushaboom" performance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien way back on July 7, 2005, would you? It's allegedly one of the best of her "Mushaboom" performances. Thanks again!

Pia Loreto said...

I think there was some problem on my pc, that wouldn't let me download the second part. Now I have it, Finally, and it's so fabalous!
Thank you so much =D!!!!

helen said...

for the person who asked (the chat thingie is not working for me), Feist- Open Window:

Alan said...

I was able to download both parts but Foolproof would not open. Can you repost?

christina said...

i'm sorry but all i've got here is this link but i'll tell someone @home to send me the song & i'll fix it.

christina said...

hey alan, here it is: