Friday, August 12, 2011

Feist - How Come You Never Go There (listen)

well, here it is :) enjoy!

Feist - How Come You Never Go There by TheNJUnderground

Update: mp3 download. thanks @spinaret


Sarahmouche said...

Not loving it yet, reserving judgement until I hear more of the new stuff.

john said...

It gets a little monotonous, I don't think it's necessarily SINGLE material... A Commotion seems much better suited.

Loving the horns though, well done Evan. :) And as kd says, this song's the appetizer. The whole meal will remind you how to digest.

spinaret said...

Link to download the stream:

john said...

Does anyone happen to have the single artwork? It's featured on the video that Feist posted, like the Metals album art but with a purple sky and the title underneath her name.