Saturday, August 7, 2010

Broken Social Scene - 2010-08-(02+03) The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

hey :)
you can find short reviews, pix and mp3s of both shows here and here.

first night

1. World Sick
2. Stars and Sons
3. Texico Bitches
4. 7/4 (Shoreline)
5. Fire Eye'd Boy
6. Forced To Love
7. Sweetest Kill
8. Art House Director
9. Cause = Time
10. All To All
11. Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
12. Love Is New
13. Water In Hell
14. Ungrateful Little Father
15. KC Accidental*
16. Lover's Spit
17. Superconnected*
18. Looks Just Like The Sun*
19. Meet Me In The Basement*

*w/K-OS on backing percussion

second night

1. World Sick
2. Stars and Sons
3. Texico Bitches
4. Fire Eye'd Boy
5. Forced To Love
6. Sweetest Kill
7. Art House Director
8. Cause = Time
9. Frightening Lives
10. Love Is New
11. Water In Hell
12. Ungrateful Little Father
13. KC Accidental
14. Superconnected
15. Lover's Spit
16. It's All Gonna Break
17. Meet Me In The Basement

say thanks to SeanceMascara!


Anonymous said...

Did you stumble upon these two from the link at Dime? If so, excellent detective work!

christina said...

are you the taper or someone else from the blog? you can't hide a bss recording from [me and my gang] :)))

yes, dime. and i was SO happy someone taped the one with Looks Just Like The Sun! +kudos for two different versions of Superconnected.

SeanceMascara said...


just stumbled across this site. Thanks for linking to my blog instead of the files directly. And I hope you like the recordings.