Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stars - 2005-08-29 Paradiso Amsterdam

For those who can't wait for the new album
(the others won't download this anyway:).

this key has also been in a'dam

01 Set Yourself On Fire
02 Soft Revolution
03 Elevator Love Letter
04 Reunion
05 Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
06 Sleep Tonight
07 What I'm Trying To Say
08 The Comeback
09 One More Night
10 Ageless Beauty
11 The Big Fight
12 He Lied About Death
13 Calendar Girl
14 The First Five Times
15 Heart

* *



spinaret said...

Thanks for this!

Sarahmouche said...

"One day we'll all have fucking boats" - damn I love Torq!

Leah said...

"let's get to the songs about fucking, ladies and gentlemen. I know it's a monday, but we have to create." <--haH, the reason I love bootlegs

Sarahmouche said...

The random 'chatter' between songs at live gigs is priceless. I love the guy who asked Torq to wait while he went pee, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is a great show. I keep getting a checksum error when I extract track 2 (Soft Revolution). Any chance you can post that track again?

christina said...

thanks :) i'll fix the original link later.

Anonymous said...

A fix for my canaddiction. Thanks!