Monday, April 27, 2009

Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness (Leaked)

Yayyyyy. Soul Unwind is already my all-time favourite. Enjoy!

01. Snakes
02. Eazy Speaks
03. Soul Unwind
04. Sign
05. Perfect Fit
06. Xerses
07. What Are You Talking About?
08. Whistle In The Fog
09. Eats Darkness
10. Return To Sender
11. How To Defeat A More Powerful Enemy
12. Nobody Bought It
13. Blackberry



christina said...

soooooul unwiiiiiiiind, i second that! haha i listened to that track at least 15 times today (haha just like 'been at it so long' when sfaou leaked - there must be something wicked about the tracks featuring the bss ladies :) thanks (both)!!

Sarahmouche said...

I'm loving Perfect Fit and How to Defeat a More Powerful Enemy. So good. The ladies in the office across from mine are making faces at me cuz I have been listening to it all day - haven't they learned yet that I don't care what they think?

Anonymous said...

TWO posts in one day? Love you guys (girls!) even more! <3

Anonymous said...

Yes, Soul Unwind! That's Lisa Lobsinger, right???