Monday, March 9, 2009

Metric - Fantasies (2009)

New album. LEAKED

01) Help I'm Alive
02) Sick Muse
03) Satellite Mind
04) Twilight Galaxy
05) Gold Guns Girls
06) Gimme Sympathy
07) Collect Call
08) Front Row
09) Blindness
10) Stadium Love




The link doesn't work(?)

christina said...

it should be ok now :)

christina said...

and thanks yasmin!! so much good news in one day, almost impossible!

Sarahmouche said...

This is an AWESOME album! Feels more like their earlier work. Definitely going to be on repeat for a while. I love Sick Muse, Front Row and Stadium Love. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

yay this album is amazing, kinda feel sorry for them tho how it was leeked nd all

Hélène said...

okay, so the obsession begins:

Sick Muse
Front Row
Stadium Love
Gimme Sympathy

not necessarily in that oder. Although: BLINDNESS.

Anonymous said...

everyone who download this has to buy their album! it's awesome! we owe them that and more.

halisray said...

an amazing album, got it a couple weeks ago, so good

Ryan Heimberger said...

Really trying to wait for the physical release. Must resist!