Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feist - 2008-05-24 Paradiso, Amsterdam

i know i've been a little lazy lately (ok..i haven't posted anything here for ages:)) so let's start again. thanks everyone for keeping the blog alive.

01 - help is on its way
02 - when i was a young girl
03 - mushaboom
04 - my moon my man
05 - the park
06 - the limit to your love
07 - i feel it all
08 - honey honey
09 - lonely lonely
10 - 1,2,3,4
11 - gatekeeper
12 - inside and out
13 - so sorry
14 - sealion
15 - (crowd noise)
16 - the water
17 - phantoms
18 - let it die



medeiros, yasmin said...

welcome back :)

Sarahmouche said...

Thank you, thank you!!

paula_fernanda said...

Thank you!


christina said...

thank YOU, ladies :)

Sally Jo said...

New blog follower, old feist fan. Such a lovely voice... :) I can't believe I hadn't seen this blog before. I just downloaded a couple of the live bootlegs you've posted. So thanks for that.

I'm actually looking for different versions of the pre- "So Sorry" rant. It's always so different and original. You gotta love her. :)

If you happen to have more live versions of "So Sorry" or "Sealion" please let me know. :) there's a link to my email address on my blog profile. Thanks. :)

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


Could someone put part 2 back up?

christina said...

still not working? it seems to be ok here..

Alan said...

Part one seems to have disappeared.

christina said...

alan: thanks, it´s was just the picture (arrrgh imageshack).

Davy said...

Bummer - I had hoped to download this. I was there :)